Kingdom Hearts III, Fallout 4, and the rest of games that we were surprised not to see at E3

This year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) trade show seemed to have quite a few games that should’ve been there but were nowhere to be seen. Some were at the conference last year and were MIA this year, while others have yet to be announced but are long overdue for that debut.

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JeffGrubb1409d ago

Mad Max ... it's gonna need several years to record Australian accents.

3-4-51408d ago

Showing a game more than a year before it's ready isn't always the best idea.

1-1.5 years is ok I guess, but it's better when you here about it, and then like 4-5 months later it's in stores.

* It used to be you'd hear about a game on tv or from a friend or in Nintendo Power and then like 2 weeks later you were playing it so the hype was intense.

showtimefolks1406d ago (Edited 1406d ago )

I rather not see a game that's 2-3 years away. Show me the game 12 months before its coming out and than every 3-4 months release some new info

R*do it best, they will announce a date that they will release a trailer than 6-9 months game comes out.

also expect TLG,FF15 and KH3 at TGS

darkronin2291409d ago

Mad Max was definitely shown way too early. Same with Last Guardian. Studios/publishers just need to keep quiet until they have something substantial to show so we can avoid the whole "is it canceled or delayed?" cycle of news.

sdozzo1409d ago

Problem is that's what keeps them in the news. But I agree with you.

crazytown991409d ago

Kinda like how The Agency is tooooootally still a thing, right? Like, that logo?

That logo was dope.

gamerfan09091408d ago

The Last Guardian wasn't shown too early. There was an alpha shown like a year later at TGS. They scrapped it at the alpha phase and rebuilt it.

barb_wire1408d ago

Mad Max comes out next year (supposed too anyway) to coincide with the "new" Mad Max: Fury Road movie.

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Chespin1409d ago

I think we can all just forget The Agency. It's not gonna happen.

dadz1408d ago

Wasn't surprised that KH3 was a no-show, neither for FFXV, still I kinda wanted Fallout :(

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The story is too old to be commented.