This War of Mine Shows Civilian Suffering During Wartime | gamrReview Preview

gamrReview's Karl Koebke: "Video games often depict wars but they are almost universally focused only on a single side of the conflict: that of the active participants or soldiers. Unfortunately when it comes to real war those that volunteered to fight are not the only ones caught up in the fray. Thousands of civilians are fighting their own battles against hunger, disease, and depression in a bid for survival.

11 Bit Studios' This War of Mine is a game about trying to survive in the middle of a conflict you have no part in, and it's shaping up to be something every gamer and perhaps every human capable of empathy should experience."

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ThichQuangDuck1648d ago

Was hoping to see some gameplay at E3

Mutant-Spud1648d ago

So thematically the difference between this and say, State Of Decay, TLOU or any other outbreak themed game will be...what? Soldiers instead of Zombies?
The thing is civilians are always a part of war, they're not living in parallel with it and survival is a conflict within a conflict.We already have sandbox survival games like Rust and Day Z which simulate that harsh "win/lose" type of society and give a glimpse of how people behave when society breaks down and there are no rules, a scripted game can never come close to that level of tension.