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GameZone: "In my brief hands-on time with the PS4 version, it seemed to run smooth. I've never played the PC version so I can't compare the two, but controls were responsive, framte rate was solid and visually it looked good. There were some hiccups in the UI however, like certain text not being displayed and a capture point in the mini-map no appearing, so clearly there's still some work to do. I don't know about you, but I'd prefer SOE take the time to deliver a clean game then rush it out with a ton of bugs."

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sungin1646d ago

Our goal is to make this feel like its as never a PC game????

zeuanimals1646d ago

Bad writers making typos. It should be "Our goal is to make this feel like it was never a PC game", because a regular PC port wouldn't work well consoles.

The spawn system, air vehicle controls, ground vehicle controls, UI, etc. needed serious overhauling to work on consoles.

sdozzo1646d ago

It's going to get screwed because it will probably drop around Q4... along with CoD, Lord of the Rings, Dragon Age, Destiny, BF,etc.

MasterCornholio1646d ago

Its a FTP game so it won't get that screwed.

Nine_Thousaaandd1646d ago

It's will do just fine. Can't trade-in if it sucks. Digital only game free download, and if it turns out great, people will continue to play and support it reguardless.

Those are really solid games you listed though...they may affect gameplay time...but screwed, not likely!

Ultr1646d ago

They said its coming out in the next 12 months. It can drop anytime

theshredded1646d ago

those games are generic tbh maybe Dragon age or Destiny are exceptional

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Einhert1646d ago

It will be the same as on PC

Half an hour driving around looking for a half decent battle then getting swarmed by a superior force.

The game just does not work, sounds great on paper but don't let the numbers fool you, the most boring FPS I have played.

sovkhan1646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

Well you must have been so unlucky!!! Blame your stars for it :)

I'm playing this game on pc, never took me that much to engage the ennemies, an took part to battles that last more that 5 hrs each...Total carnage and plenty of fun.

Guess i'm lucky :) and so are the thousands of players i partnered with.

Freddy_Millz11646d ago

Sounds like u need some friends, bud. Get a team of good friends or just a functional one and u wont be bored anymore. If you still are, then no hate to u but its a team game, always has been since the 1st.

MysticStrummer1646d ago

"Half an hour driving around looking for a half decent battle"

Or you could look at the map, find a battle, and go straight there.

"then getting swarmed by a superior force."

That does happen.

Sounds like you're a fan of more typical online FPS experiences. Many people obviously are, but they bore me.

Einhert1645d ago (Edited 1645d ago )

Im loving all these comments that are assuming I didn;t know how to play the gamne.

I was in an outfit of over 100 people and we cruised around dominating.

Yes you could spawn in at a battle ONCE every 20 minutes as there was a timer on that and more often than not the battle was incredibly one sided i.e being swamped.

Typical FPS? no I am just a fan of what is actually fun. And before that "COD" bullshit is mumoured I play games like Arma 3 & Red Orchestra.

You people have obviously never played it to any great lengths, all that you are doing is hyping a game that does not work at the functional level to playstation players who will be sorely disappointed.

Wait until the reviews come in and it launches.

MysticStrummer1645d ago (Edited 1645d ago )

I wasn't talking about the direct spawn. I was talking about spawning close to the front line, or in a sunderer, or having a squad leader fly to a good battle and drop a spawn beacon.

I don't see how it would ever take half an hour to find a decent battle when you can look at the map and see how many people are in a particular battle and how much time is left to attack or defend. A good squad/platoon/outfit would identify where to go easily. The information is there for you if you look.

As for reviews, the game won some Game of the Year awards, but obviously it's changed since then so we'll see.

ocelot071646d ago

Or you could of respawned where a big battle was happening. Seriously when you over over a area on the map it tells you how many allies are there and how many enemy players are there.

Kavorklestein1646d ago

Exactly. It will work, it will be a f2p shooter, but it won't be TRULY fun to MOST of the people who are used to playing games online. It's a decent game ( when it works) but nothing to write home about.
I have a killer pc and this game lags and is played on maps called continents... sounds cooler than it actually is. The whole thing is cool to read about parts of the lore etc. But speaking from experience, I can say it's only gonna matter as much as warface on xbox 360 or warframe on ps4. Not a real event worthy of celebration by any means.

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Dipped331646d ago

This game has to many release date n I'm getting tired of its coming n nothing . there e3 was a joke no new news just a wait