New Kingdom Hearts 3 story details emerge

Co-director Tai Yasue teases the game, but says that the storyline for the upcoming game is not yet complete.

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knifefight1646d ago

I can see the rumors and "insider" tips already.

"KH5 development moved to PS5 and NextBox?"
"KH5 locked at 1260p on PS5, 1080p on NextBox?"
"Amazon lists KH5 date in November"
"Amazon lists KH5 date in May"
"Amazon lists KH5 date in September"
"Amazon lists KH5 date in Smarch"

...And so on.

knifefight1646d ago

Hahaha I typoed "KH5" confusing it with PS5 in my head. I of course meant KH3.

...On that note, if KH5 is coming out in 2020, I am more than OK with this! ^_^

DiscoKid1646d ago

It's ok. Your joke wasn't funny anyway.

knifefight1646d ago


Yeah I know. I'm not very funny and don't have a lot of self esteem or friends. :(

Hardcore_gamerxbox1645d ago

Really nice one didn't need to say that 1080p on nextbox

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Legendary-Status1646d ago

nah Kingdom hearts 3 will be out early 2016 FF15 will be out next year...what im excited about youll be playing as an Adult Sora

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1646d ago

Not sure if the adult sora thing is true. They said he's older and more mature. Could still just be a teen.

But, if FFXV doesn't come out next year I'm gonna blow something up.

FlameHawk1646d ago

Not going to be "adult" Sora, it's going to be the one we saw at the reveal of KH3, where he picks up the keyblade, I think it's right after the events of DDD. I'm not sure what his age is, probably around 14-15.

Kalebninja1646d ago

pause he is not 14-15 that was his age in kh1 also its quoted that its an adult sora, he was around 16 in kh2 and kh3 definitely does not take place immediately after DDD there definitely needed to be a lot of prep for both the light and dark sides especially since xehanort was sent back to his time. also that teaser we saw isn't going to be how he looks because if you kept up with the interviews that was a placeholder and sora is getting a new outfit as well. maybe not everyone realized but even though he didn't look it sora was a teen the entire time.

Nate-Dog1646d ago

I think you need to rethink that.

kingdom181645d ago (Edited 1645d ago )

He's about 16-17 now that's all (@kalebninja he was 14 in KH, 15, in KH2, and dream Sora was about 14). He'll look a little more mature and maybe finally his voice actor will seem better with the older character.

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Magicite1646d ago

probably soonish after ff15 release.

NBT911646d ago

No new details at all.
He just says the teaser from the KH2.5 trailer is what KH3 will be about but the story isn't final yet.

All this tell me is that everything they have shown off thus far has been nothing but concept footage and they haven't even finished the plot properly yet, let alone actually developing the game itself.
Seems like we may not even see it at TGS this year.

DEATHxTHExKIDx1646d ago

I don't rlly expect KH3 to be at TGS. BUT I do expect FFXV to be there if that dosent show up I will be pissed.

kingdom181645d ago

I'm excepting another teaser for KH at least. They HAVE to show FFXV and Sony HAS to show TLG.

PS4isKing_821646d ago

My god square enix are you even working on the games? I mean seriously a whole year without an update on either game is ridiculous. Same for Sony and last guardian. It's like development has just stopped or something. I feel like these three games will never release.

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