Xenoblade Chronicles X Is Not A Sequel To Xenoblade

Xenoblade Chronicles X is not a direct sequel to Xenoblade, Nintendo’s Treehouse division confirmed during a live-stream.

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kalkano1468d ago

That's because it's a direct prequel. But, you probably won't know it until the end. I've been thinking this since I saw the setting...

deafdani1468d ago

I've been thinking this since I saw the last trailer, as well. Especially considering how it made direct allusions to Earth and the United States.

....aaaaaand just like that, we ruined a bit of the ending of the game to whoever owns it and hasn't finished it and reads us. XD

Eamon1468d ago (Edited 1468d ago )

Oh yeh you're right. It's been a few years so I forgot the whole ending sequence that showed events that occurred thousands of years before Xenoblade.

Would it not be interesting if the main character you play as eventually becomes (or is somehow related to) Zanza.
Or just having Zanza in the game would be very interesting.

But then again, I doubt this game will show all the events leading up to Zanza and Meyneth's space experiment.

3-4-51468d ago

What if they are making it like Final Fantasy where they are all in a similar related world but not really the same one.

wonderfulmonkeyman1468d ago (Edited 1468d ago )

I doubt it's a prequel.
Remember what the first game was like?
The whole world's worth of land and population consisted of people grouped on the various body parts of the two giants, Bionis and Mechonis.

In the new game, there was absolutely no sign of the colonies or of the giant mecha that the world was formed from in that trailer, and in case you don't remember the ending from the first game....spoilers for people here, don't read further if you don't know...

It turned out that at the end of the first game, how the world came to be was revealed; people who had super advanced technology had changed the entire planet into something else entirely through science.
All we've seen thus far is that they can do mechs, and you've got to keep in mind that at the point in the new game's story, that we've seen so far, we're not only being out-done in technological strength by two other alien races, we're actually just struggling to survive on a whole new planet.

That doesn't exactly scream "advanced enough to entirely rewrite a planet's worth of land and put two giants in its place", to me.
In fact, I doubt becoming super advanced enough to change an entire planet is even on their priority list.
If anything, becoming strong enough to destroy the aliens that are no doubt following us to try and finish us off would be the order of the day, after getting our cities up and running and our survival on this new world assured.

I'm going with what the producers themselves said; this is a spiritual successor to the first game, not a sequel or prequel.

Eamon1468d ago

No, it could be a prequel that's set far before the events that would create the Bionis and Mechonis.

A spiritual successor doesn't not make it a prequel chronologically.

wonderfulmonkeyman1468d ago (Edited 1468d ago )

Successor implies coming afterwards, though, not coming before, so it doesn't really make sense in the context of the story's placement in the timeline[which it doesn't even technically have, being a "spiritual" successor more than a part of the same universe] for it to be a prequel.

deafdani1468d ago

If it's a prequel, it's perfectly possible fornthis game to take place several thousands of years before the events of the first game, before the Bionis and Mechonis even existed!

And that's my theory. This new Xenoblade is set in the same universe, and the story tells the beginning of all the events that would eventually end with the creation of the Bionis and Mechonis.

Yup, humanity on this new game doesn't seem advanced enough to make those two titans, so this could be happening even before that. Those new alien races could play a big role in humanity's advancement in technology to ultimately enable them to start the events shown on the first game's finale.

I don't see why this is unlikely. For me, it's the most plausible theory, otherwise, how do you explain the United States logo and the Nopon on that trailer?

wonderfulmonkeyman1467d ago

That's the thing though; what you're talking about would be a DIRECT Prequel, not a SPIRITUAL successor.
As for the Nopon, they're re-using assets for an alternate-universe tale.

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OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1468d ago (Edited 1468d ago )

Of course it's not. There no Shulk but the Nopon species are in the game.

Also the girl with the black hair has two Monado hairclips

deafdani1468d ago

Prequel. Happening hundreds, or thousands of years before the first game.

This is going to be so damn epic. *___*

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1468d ago

Not possible because before Shulk. The Bionis and Mechonis still exists.

deafdani1468d ago

@Otaku: The Bionis and Mechonis didn't always exist. I don't see how your argument disproves my theory.

This new Xenoblade could be taking place thousands of years before the events of the first Xenoblade... did you finish that game? The origins ofneverything from Xenoblade pretty much comes from Earth, thousands of years prior... and Earth is featured on this new Xenoblade game.

I don't get the disagrees, honestly. :/

eworthington01468d ago

Is it still like mechons or is it something else entirely?

krontaar1468d ago

Aliens. You ride in mechs now.

paleselan1468d ago

Still a successor, so...

Godmars2901468d ago

Would think it had more to do with a Xenogear prequel than anything.

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