Assassin's Creed Unity's story missions won't allow multiplayer

GameZone: During Ubisoft's behind-closed-doors preview, it was revealed that only certain missions will allow multiplayer gameplay. Much of the game's story can only be played single player.

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Clown_Syndr0me1647d ago

That sucks, I was hoping for a full co op experience. Oh well, still looks epic.

skulz71647d ago

Im not sure man. AC is more of a single player experience. I wouldn't want it dominating my single player experience campaign. I am just glad we can finally free roam and do objective based missions with our friends :)

bixxel1646d ago

Yes.Too bad one third of the game is co op.

ITPython1647d ago

The AC series needs to return to its roots, being SP only.

This is one of those game series that should never have included online components, as it just drags down the quality of what the game is really about, a single player experience.

It's still an amazing SP experience, but just imagine what it could be like if they didn't need to waste a ton of resources and time on online stuff which very few gamers even bother with, let alone stick around for longer than a few weeks (talking about games Like AC).

Honestly I am really leaning towards a SP only and a MP only structure for games. This hybrid stuff only means both experiences will be less than what they should be, and nobody wants that. Devs should focus 100% on SP, or 100% on MP, not try to juggle both at the same time and neither should take attention away from the other whatsoever. If this means the online MP portion of a game is to release several months after the SP game (or vice verse), then so be it. But I am getting tired of online MP crap diluting the SP experience with games that never should have had online MP to being with.

bixxel1646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

"It's still an amazing SP experience, but just imagine what it could be like if they didn't need to waste a ton of resources and time on online stuff which very few gamers even bother with, let alone stick around for longer than a few weeks (talking about games Like AC)."

It'd be as great as AC2.

thricetold1646d ago

When was the last time either of you replayed AC or AC2? Or UC1? Running around collecting dumbass collectables for worthless trophies doesn't add replay for a lot of us.

Yet I still can find mp sessions in AC:bh with ease. Hell deS is still going strong after all these years, as well as UC2. All people do with sp games are play them right away to trade them away.

ITPython1646d ago

@thricetold - I only trade-in games that I hate and/or know I will never play again (which is extremely rare). I usually re-play most of my SP games every year. It's kind of like re-watching my favorite movies or TV series every year, or every other year. Do you re-watch movies or TV shows you like, or do you watch them once and never watch them again? What about music? Do you listen to a song once and never listen to it again? IMO SP games are in the same boat.

Heck with Mass Effect 2, I think I have re-played it at least 7-8 times, and each time it's a good 70+ hours.

Most games that have online portions are just an after-thought and tacked on. So not only is the MP portion lame, but the development team had to waste time on it which coincidentally makes the SP experience worse and less polished. I think it's about time SP and MP experiences were separated. These days a MP game takes as much, if not more, time to develop than a SP game and is deserving of being an independent IP.

3-4-51646d ago

GOOD. When I play a game with a good story I'm interested in, I don't want to have that ruined by other people.

I want my own unique experience and having other people there would take me out of that experience.

It would be distracting more than anything.

Mr_cheese1646d ago

It feels like we have been deceived by the way they presented the game

matrixman921646d ago

how. It showed Arno alone, then he entered a co-op mission, thats when other people joined. This is exactly what they showed in the on stage demo

Ripsta7th1647d ago

Woww really... Better not leave us with some brain dead Ai -_-

Einhert1647d ago

Then what is the point?

It was kind of implicated that they were in the gameplay footage.

burneddude1647d ago

To a specific set of missions. In the gameplay trailer that they showed only Arno, when he entered a tavern, there was a co-op mission to join, with a max of 4 players.

skulz71647d ago

Whats the point of what? In the co-op demo they were simply doing an assassination mission. The campaign will be single player like always.

ginsunuva1646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

They have a regular SP campaign, along with specially-made coop missions.

It's hard to design levels where it would work difficulty-wise with 1 or 4 players.
Also how would side missions, etc, work with coop, if all of it was coop?

spirited1647d ago (Edited 1647d ago ) the previous ones allowed

so the difference ? Fvck

Clown_Syndr0me1647d ago

Which previous AC had co op?

Baka-akaB1647d ago (Edited 1647d ago )

The game had a completely separate multiplayer , nothing like that

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