Activision Says Bungie's Destiny on PC Is a "Natural Fit"

But Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg also admits that "developing on PC is a different animal."

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Pandamobile1643d ago

Ridiculous. Activision is spending half a billion dollars on this game and they can't even put together a 30 person team to port the game to a platform with a user base of 100+ million users.

Vegamyster1642d ago (Edited 1642d ago )

You would think with a huge number like that they'd want the game in as many places as possible, if it's a good port I'll give them my $$$.

BattleAxe1642d ago

It will come to PC. Call of Duty, Starcraft and Warcraft are all on PC, so I don't see why this game wouldn't be.

dieger1642d ago

Listen man like its like too hard and yeah man

Metallox1642d ago

Really disappointed. I can't believe I'm not buying a Bungie game in its first week.

Blaze9291642d ago

the sad part is they know that "different animal" excuse is on another scale of bs. Who's really gonna believe that

palaeomerus1642d ago

The fact that you move a cursor over buttons with the left stick implies that it will be coming to PC. Just having the stick page through the buttons in the UI would be easier but directly moving the cursor makes it easy to use a mouse when the time comes.

mmc-0071642d ago

they don't want their game pirated?

Volkama1642d ago

Easy enough to resolve with destiny. Nobody complains when an mmo can only be played online.

Lon3wolf1642d ago

Once again I have to say PC games sales revenue dwarf consoles revenue. Piracy exists on all platforms (last gen), Such an old worn out statement about PC's.

Hopefully they will pull their finger out for a PC version.

Spinal1642d ago

You cant pirate an MMO, you need to pass through their servers to play online with others. Its an ONLINE only game.

papashango1642d ago (Edited 1642d ago )

and mmo's thrive on what platform?

sure isn't consoles.

Though Destiny is probably one of the new next-gen titles that left me feeling underwhelmed.

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gamernova1643d ago

I'm not even upset. All I'm saying is that any game released on PC will make more profit. If devs want money, PC gaming has it. Just look at LoL and that's free to play. Just like we pay big for hardware, we pay big for great games.

Jughead34161642d ago

There's lots of games PC gamers wish they had. Add 1 more to the list. You get all the benefits of having a rig with endless potential if you spend enough, but the real money is in the home consoles.

gamernova1642d ago

Like I said, I am not even upset. There are plenty other games that I can play. I am currently playing the hardline beta. You know what I mean? Consoles do produce profit but so does PC. Why do you think a lot of games that were thought to be exclusive are coming on PC? Like Titanfall and like dead rising? There is money on the PC market that companies want a piece of. And if you ask anyone, getting into the PC market is a smart move.

Lon3wolf1642d ago

PC games revenue dwarf consoles. Not hard to see if you spend a little time googling.

starchild1642d ago

PC game revenue dwarfs any other platform. You really don't know what you are talking about.

And yeah, so far there is no PC announcement for this game, but it very well could come at some point, just like GTA5 did.

The fact is, all platforms miss out on some games. But the PC isn't hurting for games. Far from it. The PC actually gets more games than any other platform.

Swiggins1642d ago

PC games do make bank, that's for sure. There's not even a real chance of wide-spread piracy because the game is online only.

This is a poor move on Activisions part.

Meltic1642d ago

i didint even get a alpha code and they said everyone. Pathetic..

GamingSinceThe80s1642d ago (Edited 1642d ago )

Sony sent me a code today and I didn't sign up for the alpha.I have been playing for an hour or so but have no idea what i'm doing.The game look's good but has no driven storyline that I can find.I wish it was more clear what was going on.Is Anyone else have the same problem?Or know what to do in this f#*%ing game?lol

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1642d ago


It is an alpha build, they probably didn't want to include anything spoilery.

That aside, if you have been gaming since the 80s, you shouldn't need a thing to drive you to move forward in a game lol

Meltic1642d ago

many Days ago 10 june. Alpha started 12.

LoneWolf0191642d ago

@gamingsince80 its a alpha your not supposed to know the story line. Alpha is to test out bugs, servers, etc. They aren't going to give much info on the story till probably the beta. Right now all we get is a small sample of exploration, a story mission, a strike and pvp. We will get twice the amount of stuff during the beta

GamingSinceThe80s1642d ago

Have you been playing it?If so do you like it so far?I would say it has some of the most intelligent A.I in any game I have played before.Any clue how long the alpha is up for?

LoneWolf0191642d ago

Ya ive played for the majority of the day XD I love it as I knew i would. Perfect mix of Halo and Borderlands. Cant wait for the real game, may skip over the beta. The Alpha will last the weekend

Sy_Wolf1642d ago

Isn't this an online only game? That's amazing DRM right there, it talks to the authentication servers constantly. There's literally no reason not to port from the consoles to PC, the architecture is so similar that porting takes next to no effort. It's like they're actively trying to alienate a whole username of paying customers.

prodg521642d ago

I just been playing on Vita with remote play. The game looks great on the OLED screen. A lot of the buttons aren't mapped yet so you cant run or use the little speeder bike, but it's going to be great when it's done.

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