E3 2014: GameSpot's Best of E3 2014 Winners

Gamespot- "The trailers have all been released. All of the demos are done. E3 2014 is over, which means its time to unveil GameSpot's picks for the best games at this year's show. It was a packed field, with hundreds of games on show. We selected 15 of the most promising, interesting, and intriguing games from E3 2014 as our Best of show winners* this years. These games are the ones we're the most excited about, and we can't wait to see more of them."

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Fireseed1643d ago

I seriously think that on top of everything No Mans Sky is going to be my GOTY. Like I knew it was gonna be at E3 and my hype kinda fizzled before the show, but seeing everything they added since it's Spike debut and BAM I was fired up again, cause I don't think anything excites me as much as Space exploration.

Timesplitter141643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

I'm just a little bit disappointed that the game isn't actually multiplayer (I was lead to believe it was. Dunno why). I read that on their website only yesterday.

It actually has some online feature but it's just that every player is playing in their own separate worlds and they can have an influence on other worlds. Kinda like Dark Souls without the invasions. It will probably still be a cool game though

Here's the link:
"Choose whether to share your discoveries with other players. They’re exploring the same vast universe in parallel; perhaps you’ll make your mark on their worlds as well as your own"

NewMonday1643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor is shaping up to be the best licensed game since Batman Arkham.

this was a great E3, IMOO the best in years, great games coming to all platforms PC/PS4/XB1/WiiU/Vita/3DS

Fireseed1643d ago

It's kinda like this. When a player discovers something, they can choose to name it and share it with No Mans Skys in game database. Or keep the discovery to yourself.

If you share it, it will show up in other players games as what you named it (Given that your naming has passed certification of course lol). And it'll also place a waypoint people can warp to. Or otherwise travel to. However I'm not sure what the advantage of keeping things secret is just yet but I'm sure there will be one.

But I agree I would love to see some kind of multiplayer, if not MMO at least like Minecraft where you and invited friends can explore together.

Nine_Thousaaandd1643d ago

Yup...I agree, easily one of the most impressive looking games at E3! I can't wait to play it!

Dinosaurs and space exploration FTW!

0ut1awed1643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

Dude, crazy moment happened to me last night. I'm sitting in my room playing some destiny with the door open. My doorway to my room is literally at the end of the kitchen and my roommates are having some people over and doing their partying thing.

One guy comes in and sees me playing Destiny and starts talking to me about his friends game. First off it's apparent that he isn't well versed in video games. Apparently he had a good friend that he meet working in a reasturant. He tells me this guy was originally Scottish and has wanted nothing more than to develop video games. He also goes on to describe him as a prodigy as he is 21 at the oldest now.

He goes on to tell me that he started working with this small group from the UK (This is taking place in NC, USA)and he just got shown a trailer of the game he was working on. He started to describe it as GTA but on a island and it's all about exploration and you can got into space (again he obviously isn't well versed in video games). He's trying to remember the name and I say "That kind of sounds like No Man's Sky." not because I thought that's what it really was but I just saw a few parallels in what he was describing.

He immediately says "Yup, That's it!" I was in awe. Apparently he is one of the many art/graphics designers. He is in charge of modeling pretty much everything down to the detail of the controls in the ships. He recently just got back from a month long trip in Australia just getting feedback and pictures from their beaches for inspiration.

I really hope I get to meet this guy, especially considering that I would love to hear how his job as a modler works in a game that is all proceduarly generated.

Perjoss1643d ago

for me it was:

In no particular order

Elite Dangerous
No Mans Sky
Ori and the Blind Forest also looks awesome

There were quite a few exciting things from Sony but they were mostly very early in development.

1643d ago
MasterCornholio1643d ago

No mans sky was amazing. I can't believe that an Indie studio managed to produce something like that. Like it or not Indies ar bringing innovation to the market while most AAA studios produce the same franchises over and over again.

incendy351643d ago

Hard to say since I wasn't there but of all the show floor demos I saw Ori stood out the most to me. The controls just look so damn perfect!

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