Nintendo: No Wii U successor for a few more years

Some fans have speculated that Nintendo might pull the trigger on a next-next-gen console sooner than usual due to the Wii U's low sales but Nintendo of American President Reggie Fils-Aime says no to that idea.

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mikel10151642d ago

I'm glad they aren't doing the stupid business decisions Sega did and just keep dropping hardware. You would lose trust with your fans. Nintendo managed to make a profit off of the Gamecube, so they should be able to turn this thing around by the end hopefully, especially since they are now making a profit off of every Wii U sold compared to before

EliteGameKnight1642d ago

The thing is no longer being sold at a loss, so they are making a profit now. plus MK8 is have rather good sales so far. and then all the cool games coming out should help

elhebbo161642d ago

Yea ones they get the ball rolling with games they can be in the clear. but dropping another console out is a death wish.

mikeslemonade1642d ago

Don't believe what they say. The next DS will be the successor that's why.

3-4-51642d ago


E3 2016 we will start hearing news and Rumors about their new Console/handhelds.

* I honestly think they are fine though.

Water has found it's level with the console "war", and not it appears as though Nintendo isn't really that "behind" Sony or Microsoft this gen.

thehobbyist1641d ago

No, but if they want to do well they should keep up this stride next year. Another games drought will cause a lot of trouble. Next E3 should be a lot like this one. With a HUGE marketing campaign for whatever their big game is that year(In terms of next year it's looking like Zelda and/or Star Fox)

N4g_null1641d ago

You mean the game drought like the ps4? Then there was the fact that they have almost nothing I want to play even planned for 2015. I still got a lot of games to get and beat on the wiiu. I think I'll wait till sony sells me on some ps4 games rather than hype. In the pc world higher spec gpus get out done or simply do not out preform other gpus. Like I said ram is cheap and it was a great way to boost the power of hype. I'm betting ms will just let you use ddr4 next gen let you use your own chips lol.

Sony has a lot of potential regret brewing if they don't show the power gap and innovation in new ip. 3rd party is cool but they can always go to ms or even nintendo gasp!

ritsuka6661642d ago (Edited 1642d ago )

Of course not... That is absolutely ridiculous.

MNGamer-N1642d ago

Good. Now let's play some games, shall we?

EcoSos31642d ago

Duh we get at least 2 major Zelda per console so next year we're getting the first, so ill say after next year the wiiu will have about 4 years to go until next Zelda and the new console comes out.

mikel10151642d ago

Technically the Wii only had one Zelda game because Twilight Princess was just a port of the Gamecube game, or vice versa only one game for the Gamecube

deafdani1642d ago

Don't complicate ourselves. Both the Wii and Gamecube got two Zelda games, and they happened to share one of them.

Prior to that, N64 got two Zeldas. SNES, one Zelda. NES, 2 Zeldas.

Wii U already got one so far (albeit a remaster). So, it's going to get another one at the very least.

I honestly don't see the Wii U getting TWO completely new Zelda games. I think the one we were shown this week is the only one the Wii U is getting build from the ground up.

Unless they make another down the road using the same engine and most of the assets (similar to Majora's Mask or Galaxy 2). Then, another one could happen.

WildArmed1642d ago

It'd definitely make sense to put out two Zelda games. Once you have the engine, they can focus on the game more the second time around.

The E3 Zelda tease was amazing.

MultiConsoleGamer1642d ago

This seems obvious. They have a lot of unannounced stuff waiting in the wings. I also expect that the Aiimbo figures will be used in another unannounced Nintendo gane.

I also would not hold your breath for a new 3DS. At least not for a while.

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