Vita Fans Are Pissed About Final Fantasy Type-0

Jason Schreier of Kotaku writes "Earlier this week, just after press conference day, Square Enix dropped one of E3's biggest bombshells—that they're remaking the PSP game Final Fantasy Type-0 and bringing it to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One here in North America."

"This was exciting news for fans desperate to play one of the few Final Fantasy games that never made it out of Japan."

"All of those fan petitions had worked, and now Type-0 was coming here."

"Plus, as the PlayStation Blog reported on Tuesday morning, Type-0 would also be coming to Vita."

"Except... wait... just a few minutes later, Sony issued a correction. No Vita. Just consoles. Whoops."

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PSNintyGamer1644d ago

Sometimes wonder if Vita owners are two-faced. One minute they claim they're very happy with the Vita's current output of games, and the next they're complaining about why "X" game isn't on Vita. It's happened a few times with Resident Evil Revalations, Monster Hunter 4, and now Type O.

Outside_ofthe_Box1644d ago

So because one is happy about the current game offering of the Vita, they shouldn't want Type-0 or any of the other games you mentioned on the system?

PSNintyGamer1644d ago

Most of these replies are accompanied with the notion that Sony has not given the vita enough support, or that they should stop "ignoring the Vita Community". Now tell me do these people sound likr they're happy with the Vita output right now?

MrSwankSinatra1644d ago

Sorry, but if you are actually happy with the current game offering of the Vita then clearly you have no sort of expectations. This whole time the jest of what vita owners have been getting are Ports & Indies, getting actual original titles built for the vita is so few and far in between that its like being in a desert searching for a lake. Final Fantasy Type-0 was the most requested vita game that vita owners asked for and we couldn't even get that. Sony doesn't give a damn about the vita and they made that pretty clear at E3 when the big games they showcased for the system were two ports and a telltale game.

kaileb1644d ago

@mrswastika no its not, type O did not win the #jrpgvita where are those requesting it when they had the poll why did it not win? why did tales of heart r won and its coming to Vita, Minecraft Vita would sell more than type O. I have a Vita and PS4 if you ask me if MM or other first party studio makes game for it no focus on ps4, i got teraway n it flop on vita if they made a game for ps4 it would have sold more. And i thought they announce game for Vita at gamescom anyways...

NewMonday1644d ago

Sony are making original RPGs for the Vita like Freedom Wars and Oreshika, and that is better than a port.

Sony pushed for Type0 but SE simply refused to put it on the Vita, SE have been making horrible decisions for over 8 years now so this is no surprise.

Namco were more cooperative and Sony managed to convince them to bring over Tales of HeartsR.

the E3 press conference is just about bullet points and by no means everything, the expo has many Vita games on display

theshonen88991643d ago

As a Vita fan I would like to say that I an ecstatic about Type 0 coming to PS4. It's means the game will look incredible and I still prefer to play smaller indie games on my Vita regardless.

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hkgamer1644d ago

vita games list is ok, not terrible and the bunch of indies does seem more playable on the handheld then a console.

though i think everyone would agree that it does need a bunch of decent big games aswell, it also deserves some ports but its just sad that devs cant be bothered. re revelations was a slap in the face since it could work well on vita and revelations was rumoured to be re psp.

mh4 would be great, but vita has many similar type games and mh has moved onto nintendo platforms a while ago.

breakpad1644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

are thinking what you r saying??? FF type0 was a AAA production exclusive title for PSp...and lame-money bagged Square-failure announce that it wont come to its physical continuity console PS vita (which is probably bought mostly by PSP owners) but to Xbone and PS4 ..for what reason ?? because they saw they had a quality title and decided to sell it to everyone who is not related with ...after this game Square ENix is as good as dead ..i wish do not remake FF VII because they will ruin it for sure (like FFXIII)nad they will make it multiplat rather PS4 exclusive comprising and degrading the various features of the game for Xbone owners

Spotie1643d ago

I love these comments that are based on false equivalencies. The only bad thing about them is that less aware people- like the swank one- agree because they've been fooled.

3-4-51643d ago

Man sony fans have been getting really angry lately about random games.

Settle down....Sony made the PS4 for you...enjoy it.

vergilxx31643d ago

And what about people who don't own a ps4 like me.?
It's a screw you to people like me from sony and square enix

nope1111643d ago

We Vita owners have been waiting on a Type-0 localisation since our PSP days...

They finally bring it over after 3 years... Buuut for PS4 and Xbox One, completely shitting on the Vita fanbase.

We are very happy with our Vitas, but the Type-0 thing was a gut-punch.

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jujubee881644d ago

Pissed doesn't even begin to describe it.

I more or less don't care about the game. It comes out on PS4, play it via remote-play. There's a fan translated patch out for it on PSP (which you can play on VITA via homebrew).

So, yeah.

gokuking1644d ago

"It comes out on PS4, play it via remote-play."

I don't own a PS4, and frankly after the way Sony's treated Vita owners, I'm not sure I want one.

"There's a fan translated patch out for it on PSP (which you can play on VITA via homebrew)."

I'd rather not wait for a vulnerable PSP game to run an exploit on and miss network features.

Skate-AK1643d ago

SE might still take the network features out of Type 0 for PS4 and Xbone. They did that with a game from Kingdom Hearts 2.5.

trenso11642d ago (Edited 1642d ago )

@skate-ak I think that was because of having to balance the pvp in BBS mirage arena they online play in type zero is co-op you play missions with each other so I don't think they would remove that. Also because you can't even learn certain spells or get some items with pout getting the currency that comes with playing

@gokuking the translation patch still allows for play so you're not missing out on any features

chikane1644d ago

the vita is dead why even bother releasing games for it. i myself was gonna buy a vita but then i saw the price on amazon $234.99 no thanks.i'll just keep saving to buy the PS4 a system with a future.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1644d ago

Not sure why it's that price. I bought the Vita oled model for less than $200.

jujubee881644d ago

OLED's are hot on the market I guess. They are going to be out of production bc the slim model.

RexDD1643d ago

The slim model's borderlands 2 bundle with an 8gb memory card included is at 200$.

Edi0071644d ago

we want final fantasy 15 for owr nextgen consoles type-0 i m enjoying it in my ps with ppsspp emulator and thanks to the fan translation with full hd and 60 fps ...

nerdman671644d ago

I own a vita and never touch it.
I don't care that FF: Type O isn't coming to it, but I would really like a larger lineup of cool exclusive games sometime soon. I feel like it was a bad purchase

contradictory1643d ago

can't really blame you.even at sony's e3 conference they really ignored the handheld's existence. and that's really friggin annoying to say the least.

tiffac0081643d ago

I think this is the reason for the anger, not only was there not even a mention of the Vita but you had this wrong announcement fiasco by PS Blogs about FF Type-0 coming to the Vita.

So Type-0 became the boiling point of the dismay.

Also, being already Vita compatible in Japan via PSN and not getting a localization to the Vita really added insult to injury. :/

Zero-One1643d ago

Because the consoles are more important than the handhelds. GET OVER IT!

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