Reggie: Wii U doesn't need price cut, has no issues selling

Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime speaks on whether the Wii U needs a price cut.

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NYC_Gamer1648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

Wii U is already cheap plus another price drop would eat into Nintendo profits

wonderfulmonkeyman1648d ago

Agreed, and with the Mario Kart 8 bundle deal that comes with a free game, there's never been a more convenient excuse to jump in.

What Nintendo needs to do most at this point isn't cut the price, it's advertise its system's games better by granting really awesome bonuses in their bundles.

darthv721648d ago

Since MK8...I have been seeing more ads on TV regarding that game and the bundle. I was telling my wife how much fun that game is and my kids were all in agreement as we have been playing and unlocking as we go.

MNGamer-N1648d ago

He's right... I doesn't need a price cut. It needs the compelling software to get people to buy the system, as he said. Kart on, fellow WiiU'ers!

ABizzel11648d ago


The lies we tell ourselves.


I agree, the problem is Mario, Kart, and Smash are their biggest sellers on consoles. Mario gave a small bump, Kart gave a much needed bump, and Smash is possibly coming this Holiday and based off Kart it's going to be a much needed bump, but not what they need for a mainstream success.

The Wii U is selling to the core Nintendo CONSOLE gamer currently, which isn't a huge audience since most Nintendo fans are fine with just owning the handheld, which gets the majority of similar titles + the real Pokemon games.

Great Software sales consoles, but a mainstream price sales to a wider audience, and getting the price from $299 to $249 or $199 will move console for Nintendo. The problem is getting down to the price without taking a loss, which IMO $249 shouldn't be an issue, considering it's going on 2 years since launch the CPU technology is based on the original Wii's, the GPU while more powerful than a PS360 is still nearly as dated technology, the RAM is 2GB and dated, and there's nothing internally really the costly. The only extra expense is the gamepad, but again nearly 2 years later that thing is not really that expensive to develop anymore.

They don't need a price drop right now, but they would really benefit doing it for the holiday before smash comes out, which they won't do simply because they want to test the waters with Smash and a full price Wii U.

marijanFTW1648d ago

"Reggie: Wii U doesn't need price cut, has no issues selling"


in april wii u sold worse than x360 in US. in japan mario kart boosted sales to staggering 19k.

it's dead

JBSleek1648d ago

You use to region specific sales and say Wii U is dead? Especially your Japan sales.

That's like me saying Mario Kart in the UK increased sales 666%. It's golden!

Thatguy-3101648d ago

666% is just a percentage. It's not like the console was selling hundreds of thousands prior to that increase right?

Spotie1648d ago

666% of 1 console is only 666 consoles. Not exactly worth shouting about. An actual number is needed. You portray yourself as an intelligent person; surely you see the fallacy of your own argument?

randomass1711647d ago

It sold 450k in the US alone if you want a more impressive figure. Some people just aren't ever pleased.

Vegamyster1648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

The Wii-U sold a little under 200k last week when MK8 launched.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1648d ago

So a system that been out for more than 1 year with only contains less that 5% of X360 library and has 77m less users and been out for more 7 years.

And bring up ps4 because that selling off hype not games.

Megaplaynate1648d ago

Well, Nintendo wasn't selling games at first either, so according to you we have to wait till next year when all 3 consoles are selling games to have a proper argument.
But as of now PS4 is in first place, Nintendo in second and the Xbox closing the gap at third. If MK and SMB don't sell the WiiU, Nintendo still has a lot of games for next year, but other than zelda none have the same fanbase.

BullyMangler1648d ago

so just because in april the wiiU sold less than x360 means wiiU is dead ?

or does the wiiU outselling ps4 x1 last week mean wiiU is your daddy ?

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gamerfan09091648d ago

Reggie I love you man, but you're flat out wrong.

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