6 Reasons You’re Going To Buy Sony’s New Playstation TV

Playstation TV is the revolutionary idea that Microsoft was trying to accomplish with the XBox One, but miserably failed. The Playstation TV succeeds by giving people what they want: more gaming for less.

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Abash1642d ago

Streaming PS4 games to my other TV as well as getting to play PS Vita/PSP games on a big screen makes this essential for me to get

NewMonday1642d ago

want it as a cheap console for the children, and to play some Vita games on TV.

jujubee881642d ago

The Lego bundle seems best for you then. I'm thinking of just buying the unit, seeing about buying a DS4, and switching my 8GB memory between the two.

I wouldn't suggest my route. I've actually got the time and I'm not annoyed by needing to delete my stuff, transfer, etc all my files. Not alot of people are like me. Which is fine.

Come to think of it, some people might want more memory. Not all cards will play on PSTV. In which case, I'd suggest 16GB. They are pretty pricey at about 30 bucks.

NewMonday1642d ago



also with the Jack,Ratchet and Sly collections and games like DBZ, One Pice they will be busy for some time

darthv721642d ago (Edited 1642d ago )

streaming PS4 games is not in my list of reasons. If i want to play PS4...I will play the PS4 (once i get it of course).

My reason for getting the PSTV is i want to play retail and digital vita games on a bigger screen. i do a similar thing now with my PSPGo. Playing PSP games on a TV with a real controller is a nice convenient thing to do. And if i want to continue playing when i leave the room...i just take the Go off the dock and take it with me.

I had thought Sony would just revise the vita to support TV out via a dock (like the Go) but this way is nice and cheap too. Taking the game out of my vita and then popping it into the PSTV will yield the same results (on retail games).

Is it official that you can take the memory card from a vita and play it on the PSTV without it saying the games are not able to play from this device?

G20WLY1642d ago

I want this as I travel a lot and hotels can be boring (if you're on your own!) - with this, I plug in to hotel TV and can play my PS4 wherever I am in the world!

I could even sneak a few games while on holiday, maybe ;^P

ShinMaster1642d ago

It plays PS Vita, PSN, PSP, PS1, Remote Plays PS4 and will stream PS3 games.
At half the price of an actual Vita which is $200+

rainslacker1642d ago (Edited 1642d ago )

I want it to play Vita games on the TV. Some games would just be more comfortable that way...particularly the JRPG's. I still use my PS3 for my media streaming needs. I may get a 2nd one to play games on my office TV

SilentNegotiator1642d ago

For $99, I can't say no. Even if I were to use it just to play Vita games I'd otherwise miss.

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lilbrat231642d ago

I don't need 6 reasons. I'm buying it cause I want to play on another TV without having to disconnect everything.

nypifisel1642d ago

That really is a killer feature to be honest. This has way bigger potential in the West than it ever had in Japan, cause we still use home consoles :> I could see a fairly large adoption rate for PS4 owners down the line. Might even save the Vita.

Hellsvacancy1642d ago

I'm tempted, I've never played Soul Sacrifice and I'm not into small screen gaming so being able to play this and a few other games on the big screen is very appealing

NewMonday1642d ago (Edited 1642d ago )

Soul Sacrifice is a good game with monster hunting Co-Op, your lucky because you get the chance to play the improved SS:Delta.

also great promising games like Freedom Wars and Over My Dead Body 2.

and you may already have tons of Vita games if you got PSN+

jujubee881642d ago

Wise choice. Wise choice. Great series for fans of weapon/potion crafting and action. Repetitive, but for me it's enough to love and easy for me to get lost in the art and over the top story.

jujubee881642d ago

Such opinion. Very entitled. Much nonchalant.

Deltaohio1642d ago

I would want one for PS Now. But I'm not sure if I want to pay for super old games I've already played again. Wish they would come out with pricing for it.

sAVAge_bEaST1642d ago

Why comment then?

I'm not at all interested in the Xbone, yet you don't see me in every article -related/spouting nonsense.

_____________________________ __________________________
OT. DAY 1.

user74029311642d ago (Edited 1642d ago )

im eating ramen noodle and oatmeal all day to afford sony products. no insurance or sony no seriously they make amazing headphones too. and mp3 s i will sacrafice a goat for sony

billybehr1642d ago

As a kid I would save my lunch money so I could buy video games. That was back in the 90's though. Ya know, when PS1 games only cost $39 or $49 haha

JBSleek1642d ago

I would if I didn't already have an Apple TV.

Spotie1642d ago (Edited 1642d ago )

Which would be acceptable if you could play your Playstation games through that.

Edit: I'm amazed that so many people on here- devoted fans of a certain company- have no idea what the damn device is, and keep making the same stupid comments.

Edit: No, it's a gaming device. Educate yourself, please.

JBSleek1642d ago

It's a settop box first and foremost. Sure it can play Vita games but I have no interest in that therefore to me it would just be a settop box therefore I don't need it.

G20WLY1642d ago (Edited 1642d ago )

How can you be so certain you don't want it if you don't even know what it does?! :/

Read up on it; it's a clever piece of kit and is nothing like Apple TV.

JBSleek1642d ago

I know what it does.... I'm not interested in its gaming features thus it's simply a set top box for my needs.

Not saying it's not cool or anything just for my needs as it would similar to a device I already have.

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