Far Cry 4 - New E3 2014 Gameplay Footage Unveiled

YouTube’s ‘Jesse Cox’ has shared a new video featuring some new gameplay action from Ubisoft’s Far Cry 4. According to Jesse Cox, this footage was recorded by him but was edited by Ubisoft.

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mafiahajeri1642d ago

This guys really annoying to watch...

Hazmat131642d ago

you have no idea how hyped i was for FC3 and i love every second of it. but idk i see gameplay and I'm just not hyped for it as much its all meh to me. idk why.

spicelicka1642d ago

I'm sure when you'll see more of the game and actually play it you'll feel differently.

Hazmat131642d ago

i really do hope so. haha

starchild1642d ago

looks excellent to me .

Xenomorph1642d ago

Looks good but I want to know how much map area it has in comparison to farcry 3. FC3 only had a few mountain ranges and this looks like it has tons. I hope its not a ton of gorges and has some nice flat places.