The Best of E3

The Electronics Entertainment Expo. Every year, E3 brings hype, and the sexiest announcements in the entire video games industry. With the next gen consoles already released, this year saw all the incredible new games taking center stage. Such eye candy as we’ve never seen…

The Ultimate Gamer team has taken the time to sift through the best ones for you, panning for the gaming gold to deliver it here in the ultimate eye candy E3 report.

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Alexious1643d ago

I wish I could have been there! I'll have to settle for Gamescom.

TheUltimateGamer1643d ago

Great show... Although, It surprised me that there wasn't nearly as much tech being showed off this year. It was all about the games. I'm totally fine with that of course but it did catch me of guard.

neil3631643d ago

Great article nicely covering a great E3.

Knightshade1639d ago

If I learned anything at E3, there are several companies that don't think we need anything to play in 2014. :/

TheSuperior 1639d ago

Gosh E3 was amazing this year! I am super excited for so much good stuff :)