Big Games That Were Missing From E3 This Year

Like with every E3 event there are leaks before the event takes place. This gives us a good idea of what to expect from the show in terms of what games we will see and what announcements we might hear but there are always some surprises that don't leak before the event goes live. It's great when we wont even know a game is in development when suddenly a trailer comes up to let us know a bit about the game. With the build up to E3 regardless on whether there are leaks or not we expect to see certain games announced which is why it is surprising when they don't get revealed. E3 2014 was no exception to this. Often this is due to the game simply not being in development or not being ready but other times it's hard to know why they didn't reveal anything. Here are the top games that didn't make an appearance this year.

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