More Details for Let it Die: Official Website and Hidden Secrets

GungHo Online Entertainment have announced more details of the upcoming PS4 Exclusive. Let it Die is a survival-action game that was revealed on 9 June at the Sony E3 press conference. Since then, the game’s official website and a trailer have been showcased to the world. GungHo Online Entertainment and Grasshopper Manufacture have also announced that the official website includes a hidden secret designed for attentive fans.

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ILLINOIS1559d ago

This game looks like it will be banned in many countries.

robtion1559d ago

Bring back Lilly Bergamo please.

Acquiescence1559d ago

So bummed that Lily Bergamo was cancelled and this replaced it. Just... why?

oasdada1559d ago

say waaaaaaht?? damnn i was kinda looking forward for that game :(

Spotie1559d ago

Has that been confirmed, or is it just a rumor people are running with?

austinhooe1559d ago (Edited 1559d ago )

It was in the official press release, unfortunately.

SolidGear31559d ago

I'm actually interested in this :3

DarkLord10031559d ago

Lily Bergamo looked awesome and i reall like the artstyle