Hands on the Battlefield Hardline Beta| First Impressions From IM PLAYIN

So here I am, having played some hours into the Beta, and I can assure you that it’s still the Battlefield we know. It’s just a little different that’s all. And hey, if you didn’t want different, you should still be playing Battlefield 4 this early in. So, if anything, it’s great to be different or there would be too many people saying, “well it’s not different enough to warrant a new game"...

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cfc831645d ago

Played it. Wouldnt buy it. I think the battlefield brand is sinking, which is a real pitty. Star wars is the priority, while bf gets passed about like a spliff.

zeee1645d ago

Should have been an add on

cfc831645d ago

Totally agree. 8 maps for 15.99 pounds, or 19.99 Dollars/euros.

Kailios1645d ago

Yeah Zeee, it's kinda how I feel at the moment. While it is what it is. To launch a whole game based on it? Hmm. I'm not sure how many different maps could make the experience different every time.

3-4-51645d ago

* Just got the invite last night.

Played one game and it isn't enough to decide if it's awesome or not but I liked the one game.

It was different but I don't understand why this couldn't have just been DLC ?

* It plays more like a specific game mode within BF4, than it's own game.

^ Not a bad thing, but I don't know if I'd pay full price for basically DLC.

venom061645d ago

Soooo many CoD fanboys on the site it aint even funny... No, this doesn't feel like a DLC, NO is doesn't feel like an expansion, YES, it's hella fun to play.. if this is a DLC, then every CoD game since MW3 sure as HELL has been a DLC (same old crappy engine, few changes).. but none of you CoD fanboys had anything to said about those game being DLC huh?? GTFO CoD fanboys..

elhebbo161645d ago

Have been playing the PC beta for about 10 hours now, Have to say that the single player has to be REALLY good because this just feels like DLC for BF4. maps are way to open, to many sneaking spots for snipers. the new gadgets are ok but besides that theres nothing in this game I havent seen before. I'm more excited for the new rainbow 6 game.

ScottyHoss1645d ago

It's on the same engine, aiming for a similar experience, of course it's going to feel the same! If that's the case battlefield 4 could have been an expansion for 3 adding levelution, if it's a full game of content that's similar to battlefield but with a little twist in theme, gamemodes and gameplay that's okay with me.

elhebbo161645d ago

no BFHL feels WAAAAYYY more similar to BF4 than BF4 to BF3. it has the the same sluggishness that was added on BF4.

ScottyHoss1645d ago

Ah I see, I'm still debating on whether or not that's a good thing :P I guess it makes it more real. How about vehicles?

ParanoidFreak1645d ago

BFH could easily have been released as $29.99 DLC. It feels just like an add-on for BF4 but will be sold as a full release game. Payday 2 hits on the cops/criminals tension better than this.

windblowsagain1645d ago

Have to disagree.

Of course it's going to feel like BF4. It's the BF4 engine and the shooting dynamics are the best there is imo.

Patch on PS4 has just made the framerate better.

Star wars ain't for me, overrated films. Not sure what the pull is.

As for SCI-FI.

I think Destiny has it locked down, for an alpha it looks sweet and runs very well. Considering it's a tiny bit of the real game.

Drithe1645d ago

Destiny destroys this. Playing alpha beta now. Glad I did to know how good it is ..... but now I regret sunday coming because I have to wait so long for game.

WTF am I doing typing here omg!!!

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