'Watch Dogs' free with Xbox One, FFXIV with PS4 at Fry's

XMNR: Fry’s Electronics loves to offer freebies with game consoles and it has them in spades for the PS4, Xbox One and PS Vita starting Friday, June 13. There are also additional deals on “Tomb Raider,” “Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII” and “Metro: Last Light.”

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rickhunter891222d ago

microcenter has them for 399 with the kinect.

Ripsta7th1222d ago

Good deal for anyone trying to get an Xbox one before they release the kinectless bundle and get a free kinect

Hysteria941222d ago

In Australia its been free with the xbone with 2 or 3 other games since it came out

Ripsta7th1222d ago (Edited 1222d ago )

Links or we're calling BS ... Just dont think they would give away 3 to 4 games for FREE. What's the catch?

gamerfan09091222d ago

There's no chance anyone is giving away 4 games with a console.

1222d ago
sAVAge_bEaST1222d ago

The catch is ,

Wait for It.

there not selling.

Hysteria941221d ago

I probably should of said its bundled with the xbone with 2 or 3 other games instead of saying "free" haha

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LightDiego1222d ago

I misread the article, thought it was Xbox One or PS4 with Fries, still, it's a good deal.

Saelyn1222d ago

Would be nice if they gave you food as once you get the new console more than likely you won't be moving for a while.

Dasteru1222d ago

Agree. Buy a PS4 and get a free $60 Fatburger gift card. I'd take that over Watch Dogs anyday.