Celebrating The 1-Year Anniversary Of The Last of Us: 5 Things The Sequel Needs

Twinfinite writes:

If Naughty Dog ever releases a sequel for The Last of Us, here are five gameplay improvements and story ideas that I'd like to see in that game.

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barb_wire1616d ago

Maybe we don't need a direct sequel..

.. but how about other protagonists/stories set within the same universe.

Could even overlap the stories.

SpideySpeakz1616d ago (Edited 1616d ago )

Bring Ellie back. She's the future of the franchise. Plus, I'm curious to see what she looks like grown.

TFJWM1616d ago

I would like to see Ellie back, you don't have to make it sound so pervy thou...

Bathyj1616d ago

Cmon, we were all thinking it. ;P

I'm curious to see how Joel and Ellies relationship has changed.

I'm thinking they separate when it starts to dawn on Ellie what Joel did and she resents him. Years later she is tormented by this and she sets out across country to find him and confront him, not even knowing herself if she means to kill him or thank him.

Maybe that ending could be influenced by decisions you made actually playing through the game giving branching paths.

OpieWinston1616d ago

I would love if they didn't turn Last of Us into Uncharted...Featuring the same characters.

It'd be cool if Last of Us became a little like Assassin's Creed in a sense that it tells different stories each title and they all link up in some way.

king_george1616d ago

Yeah but alot of the fans actually want the same characters. I say bring back joel and ellie for the sequel. I want a somewhat happy ending for them u know? After that, i wouldnt mind seeing other installments introducing new protagonist

-Foxtrot1616d ago (Edited 1616d ago )

I think we need a direct sequel, Ellie and Joel arewonderful built up characters that I wouldn't want to see tossed aside for new characters.

What they need to do though through flashbacks or even DLC is tell other characters stories

Henry and Sam
Marlene - How she built up the Fireflies
Tess - What she was doing right after the outbreak and her time with Joel
Joel - After you know who died and his time with Tommy/Tess
Tommy - His time with Joel and what he did when they parted ways
Bill - What he did after the outbreak and his time with his partner

So many stories to tell in just one game

It's why even though I bloody loved the DLC they did with Ellie and Riley it's something I kind of already know about thanks to the comics. With only one DLC I would of preferred someone else, some unlikely to be the main star like Bill or Tess.

I know people wouldn't like this idea but even if it wasn't ND I would like to see a spin off game called something like The Last of Us: Stories from Afar where instead of one huge story we would get a bunch of short stories giving us insight on the characters like the chapter select would look like


Chapter 1 - The Outbreak
Chapter 2 - 5 Years in
Chapter 3 - 10 Years in
Chapter 4 - 15 Years in
Chapter 5 - Joel and Me


Chapter 1 - The Outbreak
Chapter 2 - 5 Years in
Chapter 3 - 10 Years in
Chapter 4 - 15 Years in
Chapter 5 - Frank and Me

You get the point

It would be a fantastic game full of nice short stories full of all these characters.

king_george1616d ago


Agree :D

So many awesome characters. So many possibilities.

munnyndonuts1616d ago

That could be pretty cool, actually!

Personally, the only thing that's kept me so invested in this game is Ellie and if there's a sequel, she'll be the primary motivation for me to buy it. But you're right, TLOU's world and characters are incredibly rich and they definitely have their own stories to tell.

Visiblemarc1616d ago

Ideal sequel for me would be a similar story with Ellie now old, responsible for someone younger. So much material there on an emotional level.

Wni01616d ago

Id like a few more tools and gameplay options like "crafting." Makes the world feel grounded and adds so much to the already solid level design. Also having mini objectives and triggers pulling a player or pushing for that matter as they try to get to the end of the level. However not just (find this or destroy 3 of ...)

DanaBlack1616d ago

Plot Twist: Sully is Joel's long lost daddy

Bathyj1616d ago

And he had a ferret called Daxter.

TheGrimReaper00111616d ago

and that ferret has a bandicoot pet called Crash

-Foxtrot1616d ago

Which he saved from being experimented on by Dr. N Cortex

MonsterChef1616d ago

You can't follow the same characters you just can't, the way it ended the way it impacted me and you all, it will all be for nothing if they used the Dame characters maybe a prequel with only Joel but you can't have a solid sequel using him and Elle.

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