Reggie - Nintendo boss on Wii U beating Xbox and PlayStation

The Seattle Times has put up a massive interview with Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime. There’s quite a lot of important topics, so we’ve included a good part of the interview below.

"Q: It’s been a difficult few years. Could you talk about how you’re emerging from the Valley of Death?

A: I wouldn’t put it that way. The fact is the last three years we’ve been operating profit negative. For us, in order to drive our business forward, we need to drive the installed base of our hardware platforms. We need to launch strong software that captures the imagination of the consumer, and we need to create business opportunities for independent developers and publishers to bring their content onto our platform."

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marloc_x1618d ago (Edited 1618d ago )

June's NDP will be interesting. . And give the Seattle Times some love and read the interview. We should encourage good journalism everyone:)

iamnsuperman1618d ago

Title content is but the article is the whole interview so a bit more than the other article

lilbroRx1618d ago

That never mattered back whenever I would post articles that didn't favor Sony.

If even 10% of the content so much as mentioned something that was in another article on here that didn't favor Sony, the article would be failed regardless of how much else was it.

iamnsuperman1617d ago


That is either a lie or a misunderstanding. The is a rule of a story within a story. So the (I think dualshock) story applies to that. This is the original interview (more content than the story within a story so it still has new stuff). If it was just Reggie saying X about Wii U prospects then yes it would have failed

Dipped331618d ago

Sorry wii u is in a bad boxing match , Plp aren't gonna buy the wii u without a price cut , come on just cause smash bros is coming out u think we are gonna buy a dying console

darthv721618d ago

Question for you. Do you play games because they are fun or do you play brands?

Me...I play games regardless of brands. Fun games know no loyalties.

Zero-One1618d ago

Maybe you should tell Reggie that as well. Until then, i'm sticking with Playstation whether you like it or not.

Chrischi19881618d ago

The mario kart bundle is like a price cut, because you get 2 games with the console, 2 AAA games. And you can use the old Wii controllers for a lot of games. Wii U is very cheap, in so many ways. People just dont realize it...

Starbucks_Fan1618d ago

you must be desperate for attention

Sp1tfireXM1618d ago

I just bought a wii u Mario kart 8 bundle and it was worth every penny

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MNGamer-N1618d ago

All the keyboard CEO's here on N4G can say what they want, but I still give Reggie some respect, he is standing in the face of fire and not backing down and seems still very positive and forward thinking.

I think he is doing a good job and he's right about most of what he says here. The WiiU is not dead. Content is now going to start coming at a more regular basis,and Nintendo IP are some of the most iconic and strongest brands in the world.

Good luck to them I hope they can make a turn around with the WiiU, I really think they do have a fighting chance. Only time will tell.

randomass1711618d ago

That and no one acknowledged that if he said anything different he wouldn't be doing his job. Part of being a PR face for your company is saying anything possible to make things better than they might actually be. If you don't put forth positivity for your product, it shows a lack of confidence and therefor a lack of faith in the product.

ABizzel11618d ago (Edited 1618d ago )

It's nice to have optimism, but you also need to be very real and logical, and the Wii U isn't out of the hot water yet. I don't think anyone thinks the Wii U is "DEAD", it's obviously going to continue selling for several more years, but there are some serious problems with sales, games, and Nintendo's mindset as a company.

Since March 2014 they've been averaging less than 175k units per month (and that number only increased thanks to Mario Kart), meanwhile the PS4 has been averaging over 150k units per week. What the PS4 sales in a week the Wii U was struggling to sell in an entire month, that's not Mushroom Kingdom Peachy. Home console wise the Wii U is losing to the PS4, XBO, PS3, and XB360 on average. I'm sure June NPD will be up for them, but how long it last is the real success or failure story. Based on those number the Wii U will average a minimum of only 2.3 million consoles sold per year (which would be worse than the GameCube); however, potential price drops, console bundles, exclusive games, and the holiday shopping season could really boost that number up and hopefully they can at least double that number.

Games wise I agree they're finally getting the content they needed, but it's still just a Nintendo platform , thanks to the lack of 3rd party support from the major studios, and most of the secondary studios. Sony and MS have a huge cushion when it comes to games, because they get pretty much all major 3rd party support. Games like Evolve, Assassin's Creed Unity, Far Cry 4, The Crew, The Division, Rainbow Six, Destiny, Call of Duty: AW, Batman Arkham Knight, Mortal Kombat X, and more are all skipping Wii U. That's not going to help the console sale as a main system. This is why Nintendo themselves need to pump out more games than ever before, focus on New IP, and spending money getting 3rd party collections and exclusives.

Finally Nintendo needs internal reorganization. Plenty of developers have said they're slow responding to questions and complaints because everything has to be translated from Native language to Japanese answered by the Nintendo HQ, then translated from Japanese back to the Native language. No one has time for that, when you're on a deadline making games. Nintendo also needs a stronger online presence, they don't have to compete with MS and Sony directly, but at least have something on par with PS360 online. They need refocus their branding from "kids and family", to "friends and fun". Finally they need to get rid of some of those old heads and hire new younger management who have new ideas to push the company forward. The days of outdated tech have to go. Once again they don't have to compete against Sony and MS, but they need more than just capable enough hardware, they need hardware powerful enough to get 3rd party parity even if it's the game at low settings.

ABizzel11618d ago

Oh and one more thing. They need a price cut eventually. $299 seems like a good price, but it puts them in a stranglehold between the last gen consoles (specifically PS3, which is still selling strong) and the current-gen competition. For $199 ($100 less) you can get a PS360, and in the case of the PS3 it's still getting good support, has PS+ (which is worth it alone), and selling well in EU, JP, and doing ok in NA. And for $399 ($100 more) you can get a PS4 (which is the hottest console right now), or an XBO which are both technologically superior to the Wii U.

It's a tough sale begin stuck between those platforms, and the Wii U would benefit by begin closer to the last-gen consoles price-wise. $249 Wii U needs to happen this holiday before Smash Bros., not after Nintendo. Take the loss on that extra $50 for the holiday, at the chance for a better 2015, because a Spring price drop, doesn't benefit you nearly as much as a holiday price drop does.

MNGamer-N1618d ago

Very well said, and valid points on your comment. Bubs up.

I think Reggie is being very logical, it makes alot of sense what he says in the interview, and shows that they are really thinking hard about this and working to turn the ship around.

Let's face it though, Nintendo games ARE FUN. No denying that. If they get this pipeline of games to come streaming at a regular pace, they don't need Wii like numbers to make the WiiU a success, they just need to get the numbers up and keep them up.

3rd party support is a big issue and they need to address it, but as a gamer, not a casual, I don't care because I have PS4, Ps3, Vita. I just want Nintendo to make great Nintendo games, and that is all I want from them.

I think also they need to address the slowness of the game releases. I know they have said in another interview they they have struggled in the transition going from Wii to WiiU, more so than Gamecube to Wii. They need to focus on acquiring studios, hiring talent and really digging in and giving fans all of the franchises they have wanted for so long. There are so many great Nintendo IP's just sitting on the shelf, If they released something for them they really could start the up the steamroller once again.

My fingers hurt.

NNID: Nate-tendo
PSN: MNGamer-N

shmeedy246851618d ago

I think the Wii U is still over priced at the moment but I will get a 3DS soon.

AAWELLS091618d ago

As soon as they lower the price of the Wii U I know I'm def buying one. I love the Zelda series.

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