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Metal Gear Solid 5 Vs GTA 5: Map Size Comparison

The Phantom Pain has a map about a third of the size of GTA 5. (Grand Theft Auto V, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

Niv  +   343d ago
thehobbyist  +   343d ago
Yeah, except when you rule in the part that most of GTA V's map was open desert and open water
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Milesprowers  +   343d ago
like your brain
levian  +   342d ago
Yea but its not like GTA where you'll be freely roaming it all. This is Metal Gear after all, and that's a lot of land to have to stealthily get around in
codename13  +   343d ago
Kojima will put thousands of secrets in there no doubt
Cam977  +   343d ago
No he won't.
It's 32% of GRAND THEFT AUTO V's map, if they're 'secrets', on a map that size, they'll have to put a few but not loads
Imalwaysright  +   343d ago
I guess you've never played a MGS game. You could be on your 10th playthrough and still be surprised by something in MGS.
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elhebbo16  +   343d ago
Morrowind was a small game compared to GTA V but it was WAY more dense in terms of things to look for, caves, etc. The same thing can happen here.
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mt  +   343d ago
it is all about density not size when it comes to MGS series.
ShinMaster  +   343d ago
Grand Theft Auto is no as dense.
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Panthers  +   343d ago
The size of the map is not important. I am sure there will be some bases or facilities that are very large and complex. MGS1 seemed huge to me and that was in on a single military base.

This isnt GTA where there will be tons of un-explorable, useless buildings.
gigoran  +   341d ago
68% of gta5s map was.... Wait for it.... open air NOTHING!

Oh no, your argument just failed. How does that make you feel? Dude come on. Why is this even a comparison? Gtav is not the king of all games. It's a game that lots of people liked to complain about the whole time and now all of a sudden it's the example of perfection that they feel they must compare everything to. Hypocritical much?
RamboRabbi  +   343d ago
A big map doesn't mean anything without an incentive for the gamer to explore. GTA games never fail to fill their worlds with intricate details that gamers like me love to find. The quirky gameplay and the stealth mechanics are the reason I love mgs, the map size is irrelevant imo but it is nice to have more freedom and not being confined to linear map levels. In summary map size does not in anyway shape or form equate to more value for money when purchasing a game like mgs imo.
Squall_23  +   343d ago
Mgs ..The only game that i think ( big ) open world is a bad idea .. I hope kojima but some cool stuff in the game
Master of Unlocking  +   343d ago
Comparing those 2 maps is completely pointless. You need to factor in the speed at which your character moves, how fast he will walk and run, and what vehicles will be available.
In MGS games, the character is always pretty slow, well he moves at a human pace, so even though the maps in MGS games are traditionnally quite small, it takes hours to go through them.

Whereas in GTA games, you can actually go from one end of the map to the other pretty fast, the GTA games are not realistic at all in this regard.

Bottom of the line is, you can't really calculate a kilometer in a game, for a start, let alone say it measures exactly the same as in an other game.
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christian hour  +   343d ago
"...you can't really calculate a kilometer in a game, for a start, let alone say it measures exactly the same as in an other game."

This is what I was coming in here to point out, a lot of people seem to overlook this point. I'll let more versed people explain it properly but basically not everythign is to scale in video games, and not all video games share the same sliding scale as others. What is 1km in one game, might be a very small 1km in another game. And the scaling is usually based around how the game is played, or something like that. Liek I said I'm the worst person to explain this but it needs to be understood before you go comparing map sizes in numbers. Really you should compare the pixels per in-game metre between platforms and then adjust based on that or some wierd equation like that, maths is probably my worst subject :P
crayon13  +   343d ago
it's small over hyped just like hideo kojima. I knew kojima would eff'uped the series
vallencer  +   343d ago
So you've already played it? Also who's to say this is the only map? There could be other locations too. Albeit maybe smaller but still.
christian hour  +   343d ago
@crayon13 I had a blast reading your comment history, all 5 of em. Keep up the excellent work! Maybe some day you'll talk about something you like, I hope that day comes soon so you can experience what it's like to be happy and content with your lot for at least a passing moment.
MysticStrummer  +   342d ago
How could you think he would "eff'uped" the series if you also think he's overrated? Kojima is MGS and always has been, so in your view the series should never have been good enough to be "eff'uped"



OT - Two very different games with different ways of navigating the map, very different gameplay, and different amounts of explore-ability to the buildings.
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BlizzardHrr  +   343d ago
If metal gear had GTA 5 map size it would suck because its mostly going to be traveling to point a to point b. In GTA 5 your barely using half of the map. Your either in the city or have to drive all the way to the desert for one mission and that sucks
TXIDarkAvenger  +   343d ago
Well I don't buy MGS for a huge map, its all about the story and gameplay. Two things that Kojima has never disappointed me with.
Deadpool616  +   343d ago
To give a more accurate representation of the size of metal gear solid V it's slightly bigger than Far Cry 2 (which is still quite big). MGSV & GTAV aren't the size of Just Cause 2 yet. But GTAV is pretty close. http://unrealitymag.bcmedia...
Even Bigger
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Whitefox789  +   343d ago
Is the game only taking place in Afghanistan? I thought with all the hints (especially in the artwork) we would also be taking the game to Rhodesia as well.
christian hour  +   343d ago
Well Hideo Kojima likes to keep things tightly under wraps and surprise us a lot.

Come launch day, you're gonna boot up the game and realise the first 75% of the game are spent in Raidens empty apartment before the events of mgs2, just brooding in his underwear and occasionally checking the time.

After you this for 75 hours, he goes mad and has an 80's acid flashback of some rumors he heard from King George Solidus Snake Sears about the triumphs of Big Boss and then you get to play in a massive map for a half hour before Raiden is brought to by paramedics.

Kojima-san, you damn GENIUS!

*post sarcasm* It seems like we'll be in numerous locales, that hospital scene we've seen a few times doesnt look like its in Afghanistan, there's also mother base which is like your central hub I believe.
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Kenshin_BATT0USAI  +   342d ago
This still sounds better than all those 'you are the hero that'll save everyone' stories which is in almost every game.
Whitefox789  +   339d ago
I need you to write up a script for that game and send it to Konami.
one2thr  +   343d ago
The only people that seem to be unimpressed about the fact that you (the player), now have complete freedom on how YOU want to complete a mission via tactical espionage techniques are those who havent been apart of the MGS series to know that even a small chunk of map (for example purpose MSG1), can have you burn through 5 -20 minutes of your time, just trying not to be spotted; and to think ALL the previous MGS titles (excluding the Ac!d spin offs) maps can fit comfortably within Phantom Pain with a TON of room to spare, is nothing but AWESOMENESS!!!(My opinion)

Im dropping the $64 on this title, especially after playing Ground Zeroes, and learning all the new tricks, just yesterday I "Spartan Kicked" a dude of the cliff at the beginning of the "Eye & Finger" mission.
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chobit_A5HL3Y  +   343d ago
having a big map is one thing. having meaningful things to do in that space is another.
windblowsagain  +   343d ago
What are people arguing about. Completely different types of games, MGS isn't the same openworld. It's giving more angles of attack to complete the missions.
Gigus  +   342d ago
I wonder when they'll show MGO for this game?
Kenshin_BATT0USAI  +   342d ago
Density matters much more than raw size. So this doesn't matter until I see what's in the Phantom Pain.
DarkLord1003  +   342d ago
GTA 5 was fun but in the end a lot of the map was meaningless.
elweon  +   342d ago
phantom pain is a fucking kids game, what he gon do this time? fucking mosquitoman? no wait, a turtleguy is the boss now? what about a fucking evil donkeyman who was raped in war and had to suck donkey dick all day. fucking anime and manga kids loves this metal crap solid.
sonicsidewinder  +   342d ago
Perhaps I've totally misunderstood the development process for this game...

I thought MGS5 features multiple localles, with Afganistan being just one of them. I thought there's locations we can visit all over the globe with Mother Base being the main hub.

Or am I living in la la land? If it's JUST Afganistan as the main piece of the pie, I'm already a little disappointed.

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