The 5 Best Reasons To Buy An Xbox One - After E3 2014

E3 2014 couldn’t come fast enough for Microsoft MSFT +2.07% as it looked to undo the damage of last year’s show. By and large the company did a good job refocusing on games and showing a positive feature lies ahead for the Xbox One.

So if you’re been holding off on buying an Xbox One, here are the five best reasons following E3 2014 that you should finally splash the cash.

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Godmars2901645d ago

Funny thing there, since they didn't mention removing Kinect or the extra power, only talked about games, they can't really be counted as being things at the E3 presentation.

Mikelarry1645d ago (Edited 1645d ago )

i think what the author is trying to get across is previous e3 presentation from MS was riddled with kinect games that were forced but e3 2014 ms chose to only concentrate on games that supported traditional way of play with only two mention of kinect supported games... well that was my understanding of that bullet point

georgeenoob1645d ago (Edited 1645d ago )

Does it matter whether it was before E3 or during E3? It says AFTER E3 in the title so this applies either way.

OT: I know plenty of friends buying an X1 for MC Collection so that's a huge reason. Another reason for me personally is Sunset Overdrive. It looks amazing to say the least, definitely a GOTY contender. Also Crackdown 3 with destructible buildings got me very hyped. Phantom Dust is another one, I was pleading Ms brings this franchise. So happy they listen to consumers.

You can't go wrong with Xbox One. Fact.

ziggurcat1645d ago

@ georgeenoob:

"You can't go wrong with Xbox One. Fact."

Opinion, actually.

Once I scrounge up the money, I'll be buying the $399 SKU. There are some great games coming that I simply can't pass up.

R6ex1644d ago

Hopefully the dropping of the Kinect will indeed free more processing power for the XBone. For me, the only reason to buy the X1 is Quantum Break. Other than that, PS4 has much more interesting titles (Uncharted, The Order 1886, Infamous etc.)

choujij1645d ago

I'm holding off buying Xbone cause the exclusives I'm interested in are 2015 titles.

Discod991645d ago

I'm the same way with the PS4. I'm going to pick one up when The Order comes out. That game looks fantastic.

R6ex1644d ago

All interesting titles arrive only in 2015. Anyway, the XBone isn't even available in my country, while the PS4 has been around for over 6 months. My ~200 Steam games will tide me over till 2015 when console titles start getting interesting. Then again, the arrival of Nvidia Maxwell GPUs may yet tempt me back to stick with the "Glorious PC Master Race" .... hahaha. Still, I'll need the consoles for Quantum Break, Uncharted, The Order etc.

Godmars2901645d ago

And I'm talking about the main presentation. The one aimed at the general consumer.

I mean, if a well regarded newspaper confused the PS4 with Nintendo chances are Joe Average is not going to know a Kinect-less X1 is now an option even after they walk into Gamestop.

Likewise it wasn't that MS showed Kinect games at past E3s, it was how they showed them, i.e., actually working and being fun.

JBSleek1645d ago

Well if you walk into Gamestop it tells you it's $399.

Now this is an assumption and I may be wrong but Joe Average doesn't just walk into the store and shell out $499 without some sort of research.

xDHAV0K24x1645d ago

No one should shop there to begin with! Friends don't let friends shop at gamestop

corvusmd1645d ago

I won't down vote you because I see what you are trying to say....but at the same time it's not completely accurate. They did talk about the extra power in the sense that Destiny announced that it would be 1080p instead of 900p now due to the extra access to GPU, they did talk about Kinect on the floor (D4 previews are actually saying good things...eventhough now you don't HAVE to play it with Kinect)...they did talk about Fantasia and Dance...and Ubisoft actually used Kinect on stage for the Shape Up demo... So while it wasn't the focus of the conference, they definitely addressed both on the floors of E3.

That being said, I can't really find any reason for anyone not to have any interest in owning an X1 after this E3. I'm not saying it has to be your favorite console, or that everyone should instantly be able to afford one, or that you need one this second, but as a true unbiased gamer...there seems like there HAS to be something about X1 that would at least make you want to have one. True it's my favorite of the 3, but I love the other two (infact, with Zelda, Starfox and Hyrule Warriors ...and MK8...Wii U jumped to my second favorite for now....wasn't expecting that honestly).

Having all the consoles really is the way to go. I admit that I was thinking of selling my PS4 until the exclusives I care about come out in 2015 (so that I could use that $300 or on games till then, but I think I'll hold off on that and maybe pick up Order in Feb if I can squeeze it in). I personally don't wanna pay for two online services, so I only got XBL, so I'll be playing all the games with any sort of online aspect on X1...there are a TON of great games's about to get REALLY busy. Great time to be a gamer.

Automatic791645d ago (Edited 1645d ago )


Well said I admit Xbox One is my first choice but I have owned all. As a gamer right now is definitely a good time to own, one of the many reasons, 399 entry point, excellent games like titanfall, plants vs zombies, Forza 5, Dead Rising, Max and the Cursed Brotherhood, RYSE, Super Time force, great third party support and upcoming titles like Sunset Overdrive, Halo MC collection, D4, Forza Horizon, Ori and the blind forest plus the original programming that was discussed outside of E3. Xbox will have us covered can't wait to see where it goes love this system.

Note just down loaded the update that enhances your phone with gamer feeds and ability to turn smartglass app on your phone into a universal remote wow what an awesome feature all other remotes are going in the closet. Lol

kewlkat0071645d ago (Edited 1645d ago )

Microsoft's E3 strategy for Xbox one really started 3 weeks before the event.

They could of waited and announce everything with the unbundled kinect...etc but they didn't.

So incorporate all that plus the E3 briefing gives you an xboxone with new skus, games, updates and policies. I think the kinectless bundle was available to purchase on the 9th besides preordering.

When they started announcing stuff before E3 I knew what Phil was doing. He said it would be about games mostly.

Darkstares1645d ago

They did mention it prior to E3 as to give the main focus to games. The article here is explaining after E3 and how the X1 stacks up and gives reasons to now own one. If those reasons are not enough for you that's fine but try and stick with the article.

5. Microsoft showed a bunch of indie games with the trailer [email protected] Many looked very good.

4. Yes the price is cheaper but some still question the pricing based on the performance the PS4 offers for the same price.

3. That increased performance will help in future titles and come closer to parity with the PS4 but how close is still in question since raw numbers still favor the PS4.

2. Kinect was a reason some held off, chances are sales will increase now.

1. Some of the exclusives did look very good. Forza Horizon 2, Sunset Overdrive and the Master Chief Halo collection have all gotten very positive responses so far. 2015 looks to be a very big year (including Nintendo and Sony).

You see, this is how you respond to articles. You stay on point and give reasonable and mature responses. Then we go from there while respecting other peoples opinions. But for some strange reasons quite a few here like to go off on a tangent or make immature comments or attack one another.

Tetsujin1644d ago

After E3 I'm still not highly convinced to buy the Xbox, outside Killer Instinct there's still no games that spark my interest. Before people start listing games or arguing I didn't watch E3 (because I did on live stream through there wasn't anything that screamed "Buy me." When MS actually has some games that cater to a larger mass, AND start explaining how the hardware is going to enhance the games directly I'm sticking to greener pastures.

garos821644d ago

for me it was sunset overdrive. such a fun and quirky looking title that oozes class. im actually interested in phantom dust and spellbound too but i hate it when games are revealed with no gameplay, so ill keep my eye out for those.

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Mikelarry1645d ago

agree with the list, if i hadn't already got mine seeing all those games they announced especially crackdown would have been enough for me to get one

jnemesh1645d ago

Have fun waiting until 2016 for Crackdown.

Automatic791645d ago (Edited 1645d ago )


By the time it comes out like you said I will already have played Titanfall, Dead Rising 3, Plants vs Zombies, forza 5 and forza Horizon, Ryse, D4, Sunset Overdrive, Halo MC and Halo 5, Quantumbreak, Scalebound, Below, fable Kinect, inside, Max and the Cursed Brotherhood, Ori and blind forest, Creating games with project Spark, plus great third party titles like Batman, COD, Destiny, Evolve, Aliens, Witcher 3 Dragon Age, The Evil Within, Assassins Creed Unity and more I can easily wait till 2016 for Crackdown

ape0071645d ago

great system, great games, great controller

xDHAV0K24x1645d ago

great times! Greatness Unlocked!

Automatic791645d ago


Well said great system with great games.

incendy351645d ago

1. Games
2. Games
3. Games
4. Games
5. Games

: )

MultiConsoleGamer1645d ago

I was just going to post the same thing.

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