This white DualShock 4 is beautiful

VB: The Electronic Entertainment Expo tradeshow is all about games, but that doesn’t mean we can’t drool over hardware.

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XiSasukeUchiha1646d ago

The white is pretty damn beautiful, sleek and clean.

miyamoto1646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

The Glacier White PS4 is indeed a big surprise at Sony's press con.because in the smartphone world when a manufacturer brings out a white version that means your product has definitely arrived as a big success.

The success of PS4, that floating white sphere in Destiny all makes sense.

colonel1791646d ago

They should have made the touchpad the same color as the grip handles (grey).

harrisk9541646d ago

Everyone's a critic!! ;-)

Neonridr1646d ago

I hope they start selling that thing separately. I haven't bought a second controller yet, so I may wait until after the Destiny Bundle releases.

PS4isKing_821646d ago

Good news, amazon is taking pre orders for new camo, blue and white dual shock 4 controllers. Take your pick :)

Neonridr1646d ago

I saw that. Thanks. Will be preordering a white one for sure.

twdll1646d ago

Lets hope the battery lasts longer than the black one.

choujij1646d ago

I have two DS4s, so I switch when one needs charging. But I'd definitely buy this one as a 3rd, just because of how awesome it looks.

Hazmat131646d ago

i bought a 2nd controller after my cat knocked it down and fudged up the R2 button. after 2 days of having a PS4! haha do they sell longer power cords? cause this 2 inch charger is pointless that comes in the box. haha

Regis1646d ago

You didn't hear this from me but

Whispering - The Xb1 power charge cable is like 6ft long.

At least that's what I use.

Hazmat131646d ago

REGIS TOLD ME X1 SECRETS!!!!!!! *removes sony hoodie, shows off Xbox police badge* STOP THERE CRIMINAL SCUM YOU VIOLATED THE LAW!!!

billybehr1646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

Check out
It's a company that makes all of its own wires and products. I'm sure you can find it on there. They do sell video game accessories too. It's worth a look.
Best part about them making their own product is that they can sell it inexpensively.

*I don't think the PS4's controller cable is completely exclusive to the system, so you should be alright*

uth111646d ago

No, I believe it's just a standard micro-usb cable

billybehr1646d ago

Check out the link. It's like $3 and change for a 6' cable

steven83r1646d ago

Or you could also get a 6ft cable from Frys for $1.99

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