Assassin's Creed Unity is a backward step for progressive games

Eurogamer: So, new comments from Assassin's Creed Unity's creative director Alex Amancio at E3 help us to disentangle the situation around Ubisoft Montreal's removal of female avatars from the game, although whether it's a satisfactory response is another matter.

You can judge for yourself, but as far as I can see he's essentially saying that he misspoke; that Unity was never intended to have customisable avatars in co-op and that instead it's closer in principle to Watch Dogs.

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LAWSON721649d ago

Has there been any word on Comet or is that not happening?

dumahim1649d ago

Haven't seen it, but I think the CEO commented about the last gen version of AC a couple days ago and said they'll comment on it when there's something to say.

Seems odd that they are keeping under wraps so far if it really is supposed to be out this year.

matrixman921649d ago

At this point I am hoping its real and has a female MC, just so people will get over this and stop using the same tired arguments

LAWSON721649d ago (Edited 1649d ago )

LMAO, when I read the first part I was about to say give it a rest. I thought I got reply from one of those whiners.

spartanlemur1648d ago

No, if it has a female protagonist now, they'll think that their tactics have worked and will keep at it.

Don't and they will keep at it anyway.

In the end the only strategy is to ignore them.

matrixman921649d ago

lol come on, people are still on this thing. Go play liberation if you want a female assassin, it's a great game; but the thing is, hardly anyone played it. Even when it went to consoles, I don't think it sold well. It's not like they don't care about females, they already had a whole game with one as the main character

Somebody1649d ago

That's exactly what Ubisoft is hoping gamers will do. A controversy like this will help give the main game/story some free publicity while it'll give boost the sales for the side games/DLCs that do have female characters in between.

Why give gamers customizable characters when they can sell those characters across several games? Throw in some controversy and you have free promotion for all of them.

KUV19771649d ago (Edited 1649d ago )

Because having a female playable character is the only thing that makes a game 'progressive'... Tomb Raider was progressive before it was cool! Also: brace yourself for the continuation of the same argument with FarCry 4.

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The story is too old to be commented.