Battlefield: Hardline's new bug

It's not game breaking, but it's interesting.

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Detoxx1620d ago

It's an early closed beta. And besides this bug, it's actually one of the best early betas I've played. Didnt crash once, and no glitches/bugs seen so far.

Afistnu1620d ago

Battlefield Bad Company 2 had this bug as well on the map called Arica Harbor. In rush, just after the second set of objectives there was a patio that overlooked the shipping yard. If you spawned in on your team mate while he was on that patio, you'd fall through the patio and end up in the walls on ground level. They fixed it a shortly after though.

Battlefield 3 also had this bug. In the map called Operation Metro in the game mode Rush. Outside at the first objectives there was a dip in the ground and if you walked into the dip you'd fall under the map and get stuck there not being able to walk. They fixed this during beta IIRC.

TXIDarkAvenger1620d ago

What are you impressions of the beta for those who have played it? I got into the beta yesterday but have yet to play it.

animegamingnerd1620d ago

it's very mediocre its pretty much a cops and robbers skin for Battlefield 4

GruntboxWizard1620d ago

I'm having fun. I don't play battlefield every year though.

GruntboxWizard1619d ago

I should mention i'm playing on PC. No problems except long load times. I think that's just my internet though

Neixus1620d ago

Basically no bugs like in BF4, hit reg is awesome, no rubber banding cars and they handle well, teamwork is essential and everyone actually plays the objective this time.

I think it will do better than the last battlefields :)

Soldierone1620d ago

It should just be an expansion to BF4, all they did was re-skin everything.

Honestly got Destiny and BF Hardline. I want to go pre-order Destiny......

dazzrazz1620d ago Show
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Yo Mama1620d ago (Edited 1620d ago )

Jesus, Battlefield sucks. You COD haters have no reason to talk bad about it. This is no better than COD. Exactly the same thing every year. Right down to the same bugs.

EDIT: "Not game breaking"? Ummm, ok. What are they saying? There's worse bugs in the game than this?

Yo Mama1620d ago

Nice try. That would be true if the exact same glitch wasn't in the retail copies of the past games.

Conzul1620d ago

Meh, I'm going full Destiny instead. Too little time for hit-or-miss rehashes.

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