How we'd make Xbox One number one

After the Kinect unbundling U-turn, here’s Red Bull's To Do list to get Microsoft back in the game against Sony.

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NewMonday1559d ago

Jade Empire 2

do it Spencer!

MultiConsoleGamer1559d ago

They are working on the 360 thing.

XiSasukeUchiha1559d ago

Lower the price this is my nitpick.

hello121559d ago (Edited 1559d ago )

More games. TGS and Gamescom?

Diskless xb1

Better games with gold

More features with every xb1 update.

Backwards compatibility.

more games at 1080p

cloud powered games.

two free movies every month with gold.

mouse support (keyboard already there)

more ports from PC to xb1, increasing game library.

gears collection for xb1.

cross chat (360 and xb1)

hello121559d ago

If you interested in seeing the xb1 get better go here. Microsoft's new site for feedback.