Here's how Far Cry 4 co-op works if you don't have the game

Eurogamer :

"Far Cry 4's co-op is available to people who don't own Far Cry 4. How is this possible, you ask? It starts with a client.

Like the 3DS's download play, PS4 users without Far Cry 4 will be able to download a separate app that allows them to be invited into their friends' Far Cry 4 games.

It's going to be a colossal app, since it will contain all of the game's content sans its story-based missions - which are the only content available exclusively in single-player."

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jaseo1649d ago

Great idea, especially if you have 2 ps4s for couch coop :)

Rainbowcookie1649d ago

Wonder if cross platform will work one day since some people own a Pc Ps4 , Xboxone , WiiU combo. Would be awesome> I love couch cop-op and the online co-op features nowadays really worry me since where I live the internet is quite slow. Love gaming with the wife.

Deadpoolio1648d ago

Not as long as Microsoft has anything to say about it....Microsoft is the entire reason the Xbox didn't get FFXIV, they refused to let their "special" Xbox players play with those dirty PC/PS4/PS3 peasants....

We'll see PS and PC cross platform since Sony has been very open and willing, but unless someone at Microsoft pulls their head out of their anus Xbox will never be included

MysticStrummer1649d ago

This is a pretty big feature for PS4. One of the most shocking things I've heard at E3 in awhile. If other games follow suit, sales of other consoles would definitely be negatively impacted.

Dudebro901649d ago

How is this a big feature? Neither player earns progress for their time being played. Why bother?

kingPoS1648d ago

Whelp! I'm going to enjoy it anyway, ten invites & progress be damned!

Gateway MT6706 2008

hazelamy1648d ago

for , gasp, fun?

i know.
crazy, right?

akaFullMetal1649d ago

Neat feature, I wonder if xbox one is getting the same thing? I think I heard they weren't, not sure why?

MasterCornholio1649d ago

My guess is that it's either one of these two things.

1. An exclusive deal made with Ubisoft.
2. Xbox Lives policy's prevent a feature like this from existing.

I'm leaning towards the policy though since PSN appears to be a lot more flexible than Xbox live.

ghostface91649d ago

no but good try its a deal they made with sony

MasterCornholio1649d ago

I was completely shocked when i heard this. This reminds me of the rumored family plan.

Minute Man 7211649d ago

It was just a fake rumor to save face by M$

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