WWE 2K15 Executive Producer Discusses Gameplay Improvements For Upcoming Game

Mark Little, the executive producer of "WWE 2K15" recently discussed Visual Concepts acquiring the franchise from Yuke's and the development of the game.

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1646d ago
magikmark81646d ago

Bring back the spirit meter system!

jaymart2k1646d ago

Ya but you start off in NXT & face nobodies & work your way up to WWE.

Their you either can go heel or face & the fans will either cheer or boo you.

You can form alliances so people help you. Either form a tag team or stable or just go solo.

Pick who you want to feud with as well.

Keep winning & your might get gold.

user95589031646d ago

That would be perfect. I don't understand why they can't do it. Universe mode sucks in my opinion. There aren't storylines to keep it interesting

Ken851646d ago

I'd be okay with an improved universe mode that more naturally created storylines/rivalries with a certain amount of control over it.