Destiny Extended E3 Trailer

Here is an extended E3 trailer of Bungie's Destiny. Bungie Co-founder Jason Jones explains everything you need to know about the gameplay.

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ArchangelMike1646d ago

So far I'm absolutely loving the Alpha. But's Battlefield Hardline to shame. I got into the beta of BF:Hardline, and in comparison to Destiny it feels like a last gen game!

I know what multiplayer game I'll be playing this holiday season!


I think it's really great that people are starting to have a lot more positive feedback on the game now people have played the alpha build.

So many people were saying how the game just looks average, not all that great etc.

I was kind of the same as well, but got to play the alpha early and fell in love with it straight away.

I can really see the potential in this game. 3 months to go.

Dolf0451646d ago

Yeah all those things that looked kinda meh in isolation really come together! Haven't stopped playing since I got the code. This game is going to destroy my education...

Meltic1646d ago

Please i havent got any code yet. stil waiting. Is there somebody that meaby can give me a code PM me please... took a day off for this..

marlinfan101646d ago

you took a day off for an alpha? lol

did you enter in your psn on the website?

Meltic1646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

Its Destiny !! my most waited MP game.Yes i did many times over and over again to be sure lol

marlinfan101646d ago

Theyre sending out codes till I think 12 pm tn so theres still time to get one

JMyers1646d ago

You can feel the EPICNESS!

HolyDuck1646d ago

The Alpha on PS4 is absolutely stunning. I do however keep getting a LAN Cable is not plugged in error while on it, even though my console is still online.

spicelicka1646d ago

Wow now this trailer finally does the game justice, all the people saying the game looks boring need to watch this first.