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New Leaked Trailer for PS4 Exclusive Bloodborne Shows Actual Gameplay from Pre-E3 Build

OnlySP: Remember those GIFs that previously leaked for From Software’s Bloodborne? Well, those were all part of a trailer and that trailer has just leaked online for your viewing pleasure.

Trailer is from before the E3 build. (PS4)

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majiebeast  +   443d ago
Game already looks so much better at E3, and they still have almost a year left. 2015 is looking to be an insane year.

Edit:Yeah i saw.
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PockyKing  +   443d ago
Updated :)
PeaSFor  +   443d ago
its pretty much Demon's Souls 2 but with more action based combat.

Destrania  +   443d ago
Yes yes yes yes YES!!! Ahh this game looks so freakin' awesome! My PS4 is waiting.
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guitarded77  +   443d ago
So sick... can't wait for this one. 2015 is gonna be amazing.
DragonKnight  +   443d ago
I've noticed they're using a lot of the Souls series assets such as sound and animation, which is good because that's less work they have to do.

This game looks absolutely phenomenal, and I wish we saw this trailer at E3. They could have just posted a "work in progress" disclaimer if they were concerned about the graphics.

There's just too many games not enough money.
Bobby Kotex  +   443d ago
@PeaSFor this is not 'pretty much demons souls 2' Different fighting style, different weapons and different universe. I guess you never played Demon's Souls.
YoungKingDoran  +   442d ago
I wonder if this is Boletaria, but set 400 years or so years after the Old One was lulled back to slumber. I think that'd be badass.
miyamoto  +   443d ago
Survival Terror Graphics!
Project Majiebeast?


Bloodborne or Bloodbath?

Man! This trailer should have made it at E3 after they showed the one at the presscon! This could have blown everyone's mind there & then.

That huge Getter Robo battle axe & in-your-enemy's-face shotgun!

The game's atmosphere gives me goosebumps. That is what I call survival terror graphics!

This is not Demon's Souls 2.
Dat backwards dodge dash!
This guy can move fast! I mean really fast like Kratos!

Now Ninja Theory's Dante May Cry.
Take that Capcom. Not only Deep Down is a Demon's Souls copycat this game blows you emo DmC out of the water!

Gotta watch this again. This new anti-hero is so badass!
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PockyKing  +   443d ago
Well, the game looks way better graphically now so might not have been the best idea to show this trailer. Then again, if it hadn't got leaked then it would have been a big bombshell, with this footage or not.
majiebeast  +   443d ago
More then likely because its not ready to be shown to the public, just look at the footage it has low fps and screen tearing. Showing something like that E3 is not a good idea.
fardan85  +   443d ago
Damn, when I saw it earlier I thought it's gonna be good. Now, I think it's gonna be epic.
2015: The Order, BloodBorne, Uncha "kaboom, mind exploded".
MEsoJD  +   443d ago
My god, this trailer is amazing!
miyamoto  +   443d ago
I really think this game is what's holding up Japan Studio from finishing The Last Guardian, LOL!
DonDon  +   443d ago
So be it. I'd rather have a new Souls type game, than a Last Guardian game that's been in development hell. They can get back to LG later when they feel inspired, instead of dilly dallying over it just to meet fan expectations.
starchild  +   443d ago
The gameplay and setting look amazing. The graphics are rough and look somewhere between a last gen game and current gen game, but this was an older trailer and the game still has a way to go before release. It's going to be so hard to wait for this game. I can tell I'm likely going to love it.
Hellsvacancy  +   443d ago
Noooooooooooo, i've seen too much

THAT'S IT, i'm totally boycotting any videos from here on out, it look tremendously AWESOME
nucky64  +   443d ago
come on, if other vids come out, you'll look at them (just like the rest of us). I don't want to watch but I hear these vids calling to me like drugs do to an addict!
Hellsvacancy  +   443d ago
You'll be surprised buddy, i've not seen any Witcher 3 videos for over a year, and The Phantom Pain, i'm not going to spoil it for myself
CrashJones  +   443d ago
I may have to join you.

I cut myself off of Dark Souls 2 videos... but not quick enough. The game wasn't ruined form me, but looking back, I would rather have known nothing at all... except that I wanted it.
Magicite  +   443d ago
This is one truly really dark and gothic game.
Fans will love!

Im also curious what kind of RPG elements will it have and how much impact on gameplay will they make.
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G20WLY  +   443d ago
I'd like to see that too!

From this early trailer, it looks a bit like what I'd hope for if they brought Soul Sacrifice (what an AWESOME Vita game!) to PS4, and then some!
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steven83r  +   443d ago
Game looks good from what I saw in game playable at E3. Only concern is I hope they fix the 2 move attack. Just same attack slash slash same direction evertime.
CrashJones  +   443d ago

I can't help it.

It must be in my blood.
Gamings-Last-Legend   443d ago | Spam
DonDon  +   443d ago
I'm not a squeamish guy, and I do love the Souls games, but the blood in that trailer was nasty. I don't believe in censorship, so I hope they keep it in the game. But i hope there is an OPTION to lessen the amount of blood (since game is called Bloodborne I must assume that blood is important)
showtimefolks  +   443d ago

Daniel Bryan lol


no doubt my friend 2015 is the first real step towards next gen experience. Big games from everyone


The order 1886
Witcher 3
Halo 5
Uncharted 4
Crackdown 3
Tomb Raider

unconfirmed but possibly there:

new game from MM
new game from GG
possibly a new game from R*
New gears of war
Sony santa monica's new game
mirror's edge
mass effect
Ni nu Kuni 2

Ninja Theory's new game under sony(rumored)

possibly new DMC or resident evil

and much much more

what are you excited for in 2015 and what games that haven't been announced would you like to see in 2015 and beyond
Blasphemy  +   442d ago
video wont play for me anyone have another link for the trailer
Chxii  +   443d ago
Pretty good shame they didn't show it back on TGS 2013
majiebeast  +   443d ago
I think Namco would have thrown a fit, with them releasing Dark Souls II and all. So it was pulled from TGS 2013. Seems like the most obvious reason to me.

Now that Dark Souls II is out of the way they don't have to worry about stealing the limelight from it.
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dddooozzz9  +   443d ago
Inception  +   443d ago
PockyKing  +   443d ago
Look to your right, and then your left, and then down, and up, outside, in the basement, and behind your computer. That. Is where your pants are.
Number-Nine  +   443d ago
back, and to the left.....
Furesis  +   443d ago
ok i can understand the fps drops now since they have upped the graphics from this video so it just wasn't optimized yet for the e3 build since it is the latest build at least this is what i think
Sarobi  +   443d ago
I was seen the screening on this on the second day of E3, and the developers had informed us before they began playing that the build they were running wasn't optimized. The whole point of the screening was to show off some of the visual work they have done, and how the game will play.
Furesis  +   443d ago
nice that's good to hear :) and how was it? the graphics i mean
LamerTamer  +   442d ago
I can actually tolerate some frame drops, it doesn't bother me all that much honestly. Sure I would rather not have them. Everyone said that Thief had bad framerates but I am almost done with it and saw nothing that really bothered me.

What a HATE is screen tearing. I hate it with a passion, I would rather have some dropped frames than that awful tearing. It looks like the hardware is defective when it does that. I have seen many games on the 360 that have it in the final retail game. How ANY dev could think it is ok is beyond me. Turn on the damn V-sync man, you aren't hiding framerate drops with that tearing as it looks even worse!

I know this game is early but sometimes they leave the v-sync off, I hope they don't do it on this game, would totally ruin the art style.
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Twiggy  +   443d ago
Oh man, I may offend everyone here, but I was never huge on Demon Souls or Dark Souls, truth be told.. but this is insane, the gore.. the setting.. that damned atmosphere, this and The Order are my most anticipated games for next year amongst FF15.

This trailer is far better than the new one, that game play looks utterly satisfying it's proper mental!
Inception  +   443d ago
i'm not giving you disagree because i knew other people had their own taste. So what you said about you never huge on Demon's / Dark Souls will not offend me as a big fans of souls series.

If you interested with this game than that's good. But you should prepare yourself. Demon's / Dark Souls got a very challenging difficulty and a slow pace mechanic that rely on defense / counter attack and observe your surrounding / enemies.

But what i learnt so far from this Bloodborne trailer is it will 'force' the player to not rely on defense but rather offense. You need to make quick decision rather than wait your enemies to attack and learn their pattern. Because in this game there will be no more shield or magic (it still a rumour for magic though).

Combine with Demon / Dark Souls tradition where you can get one hit kill / instant death from the enemies in the blink of your eyes, than my prediction Bloodborne will be more challenging than Demon / Dark Souls. I myself got a shiver down my spines just by imagining that >.<
Twiggy  +   443d ago
No worries dude, I don't take the "agrees" and "disagrees" on this site very seriously haha!

I recall getting a lend of Demon Souls a few years back, during exams nonetheless, I couldn't find the patience to sit back and get slaughter in every encounter, trial and error for sure.

I wasn't huge on the designs and settings either, personal preference of course, so seeing Bloodborne with it's gruesome Gothic atmosphere, faster and disgustingly brutal game play, even a Devil May Cry veteran like myself has extreme interest in this game.

Looks like a breathe of fresh air, buying this as soon as it lands in Britain.
Inception  +   443d ago
Nice! I myself a veteran of DMC too. But now i can 100% understand why you very interested with Bloodborne but not with Demon's / Dark Souls.
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Number-Nine  +   443d ago
I cannot contain the feels i am having right now!
SharnOfTheDEAD  +   443d ago
The character looks like a complete bad ass! Can't wait for this game!
HappyWithOneBubble  +   443d ago
Sony is just the best. They know how to get the best games. They know what's best for bushiness.
Twiggy  +   443d ago
He looks like a cross between Van Helsing and Jack the Ripper, I've replayed this video a few times now, extremely happy with what I see, I'm more impressed with this than the 30 second game play video that was leaked from E3.
VsAssassin  +   443d ago
Wow, the fluidity of the character's movements is magnificent!!! This trailer should have gotten air-time during Sony's presser instead of the Powers TV thing.

I'm just so hyped right now! Awesome job, From Software and Sir Miyazaki!!!
Legendary-Status  +   443d ago
I want this that backward dash move then the shot gun 2 the face was off the chain cant wait for this!
Clown_Syndr0me  +   443d ago
I loved the E3 trailer, the gore, settings, environment, characters...everything. After seeing this video I now know the game isn't for me as I dislike this type of gameplay. Never liked Dark Souls either, its a shame as I feel Im missing out.
Id love to see an more RPG focused game set in this universe, Im just really not a fan of the combat. If its easier than Dark Souls I may try it out. I don't have the time nor the patience for a game as difficult as I found Dark Souls.
Silly gameAr  +   443d ago
The wait's not really that long, but it feels like this game is years away. I want now.
elazz  +   443d ago
It is coming out in 10-11 months. And now is is probably adding/finishing content and optimization.
THE-COMMANDER  +   443d ago
madworldps4  +   443d ago
midget_gem  +   443d ago
Looks totally awesome. But the best thing is, it's a PS4 exclusive !!!

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Master-H  +   443d ago
Looks freaking epic, i find it strange that there's no lock on tho, maybe it hasn't been added yet hmm
ic3fir3  +   443d ago
This is not rpg action like dark souls, is hack-n-slash game like god of war =(
Master-H  +   443d ago
How did you come up with that conclusion ? the combat looks exactly like Dark Souls, they said it has character customizations so that probably means it has stats, it is sort of open world with shortcuts and whatnot again like Dark Souls, so how is it hack and slash ?
Destrania  +   443d ago
What?! It most definitely looks like Demons/Dark souls gameplay, just not as defensive, opting a more offensive approach. Looks f'n amazing! Love the art style and atmosphere as well. And the pacing, ahh, so sweet.
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Legendary-Status  +   443d ago
abc1233  +   443d ago
Easily the highlight of E3 for me and this trailer is utterly insane. Can't believe release date is relatively soon too.
Veneno  +   442d ago
I really wouldn't mind a new Souls type game every year or 1.5 years. I can't get enough of them.
KwietStorm  +   443d ago
Really can't put into words how badly I want this game.
nucky64  +   443d ago
holy crap - I am SO glad miyazki is at the helm. this looks wickedly good!
pecorre  +   443d ago
This instantly became my most wanted game!
sho0ok  +   443d ago
It doesn't looks good to be honest, don't know what appeals you guys to these kind of games! Can someone really explain it for me, cuz I find them not interesting at all.
lonelyplayer  +   443d ago
Play the Souls games so you know.
Warning: These games are not for losers who give up after 3 attempts.
sho0ok  +   443d ago
I never gave up on any game and I always play on the highest difficulty, however the game has no story from what I have seen and it's too long I don't have enough time between work and other hobbies. That's why prefer straight forward games with good stories.
kingmushroom  +   443d ago
Anyone else get a creepy resident evil 4 feel, love it, collector s edition day 1.
PrinceOfAllSaiyans  +   443d ago
This will be the hardest game I've ever played, I can already tell.
Tapani  +   443d ago
Souls games are the only bright light in today's hardcore RPG gaming world. Luckily, Bloodborne seems to carry that dim torch and take it to new places :)
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Sharius  +   443d ago
that look fantatic even in alpha build

i swear if they just release that TGS build on PS3 this year, this game will cannibalize the DS2 sale in heart beat then take the title GoTY 2013

then in 2015 they will release the E3 build of this game for PS4 and grab other GoTY title
Pancit_Canton  +   443d ago
Sony needs to buy from software. They are one of Japan's finest developers.
DonDon  +   443d ago
I wish they could but GungHo os their parent company now. Sony could still make an official partnership, but GungHo runs the show.
LamerTamer  +   442d ago
I played their stuff on the PS1. The King's Field games were great for their time. First person action RPGs like those using polygonal graphics were rare.
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supes_24  +   443d ago
That trailer looked really good. It reminded of GoW style dashing and fighting. This game is definitely on my want list.
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