D4 Preview–Swery65 Is Back (The Koalition)

Garrett from The Koalition writes:

Swery65 released cult hit Deadly Premonition back in 2011, and it gave its players a fascinatingly weird surprise. At first glance, it looked like an outdated, budget survival horror game that looked liked it belonged on a Sega Dreamcast rather than Xbox 360. However, players only needed to play up until Agent York mentioning "FK" being in his coffee to know that there's more to Deadly Premonition presentation lets on. Now, Swery65 has a new project called D4, and it's just as wonderful as its predecessor.

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Lawboy21648d ago

This game is flying way under everyone's radar...hope it's a hit

garrettglass1648d ago

There was no line when I played it. While it was positioned in the portion of Microsoft's center with all of the other Kinect games, it was clearly overshadowed by Shape Up. This game deserves to be known, and I hope Jim Sterling can work the same magic he did with Deadly Premonition.

rbailey1648d ago

Definitely want to try this game out.