New Legend of Zelda trailer compared to the 2011 HD tech demo

Nerd Reactor writes: "Legend of Zelda’s new trailer from Nintendo press event has everyone talking. It would be the first Zelda title to appear on a next-gen console with HD graphics and an open world. While most fans are over the moon with the new trailer, there are still many fans that are wondering: What happened to the game that game trailer Nintendo debuted during 2011′s E3?"

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jebabcock1643d ago

Personally I think they made some good choices. I am excited to play the game next year.

Septic1643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

Ah I like the new art style. Plus open world Zelda should be epic.

Im still waiting for a Zelda title to give me the same feels as Ocarina of Time.

Chrischi19881643d ago

The new art style takes the best of the previous art styles. I dont get, why people did not like it, it was beautiful, looked way more mature then pure cel shading and can definitely have a very dark tone, dependent on where you are in that world.

3-4-51643d ago

New Art Style is beautiful so whatever. I can't wait to play this open world LoZ game.

-Foxtrot1643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

Yeah it's a bit of a bummer, I suppose you could think it's misleading but you have to put things into perspective and ask yourself. "Could Nintendo make an open world Zelda game like what we've seen at E3 2014 with those graphics?"

I don't think they could.

Honestly it really depends how open the new Zelda is, if it comes to a point next year we find out it's not as open as we thought then I would be asking the question "How did we see that...and then get this".

So yeah...lets just wait.

Artstyles shouldn't matter if the game is good, look at the Wind Waker but I do fully understand why people who be a little ticked off...the tech demo looks fantastic.

colonel1791643d ago

IMO, I think that the art style has to do with the open world. They don't have to worry about textures and have too much memory utilized, so I think it allows them to make a bigger, and seamless world.

However, the new art style looks beautiful, and much better than I could even imagined. I am playing Wind Waker, and for the past few weeks, I was wondering how a new Zelda with those graphics be. I never imagined I would get my answer so fast. It is amazing!

mamotte1643d ago

Actually, cel shaded graphics are as hard to do and render as 3d realistic graphicas are; in case you dont know, Wind Waker runs in the same graphic engine than Twilight (well... it's the opposite way, actually) and was harder to do it right than the latter.

DiscoKid1643d ago

I would of preferred the tech demo style, but I can understand why they wouldn't with Zelda Wii U's concept of open world. They have things like performance to worry about, and a softer cel-shaded style would eliminate alot of concerns regarding that.

BullyMangler1643d ago

if you watch IGN rewind theatre of the Zelda wiiU reveal, you can see that the graphics are a mix between TRUE cell shading and realism.

just take a look at that water.

jhoward5851643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

I like Zelda cel shaded art style better than than the tech demo style.

Its obvious that the tech demo version has a much higher polygon count than the new zelda cel shaded version. I can clearly see Nintendo wanted to use Wii U's memory space more efficiently. Making a game that is visually impressive as the zelda tech demo would means we'll end up with a smaller zelda game.

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