1UP Review Crew: Haze and Ninja Gaiden II

Philip Kollar writes: "Have you been getting your weekly dose of The Review Crew, 1UP's new video podcast where we give you our straight opinions on the most recent games? If not, there's no better time to start than now. In this week's episode, Greg Ford sits down to talk about Ubisoft's PS3-exclusive shooter Haze. After that, Nick Suttner explains his controversial review of Ninja Gaiden 2."


Haze (PS3): D+
Ninja Gaiden II (360): B-

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I LOVE my xbox3821d ago

Yeah I'm sorry but I didn't really enjoy the Haze demo and I have yet to try NG2. Dunno about NG2 because I haven't really been hearing all too many good things about it either.

mistertwoturbo3821d ago

NG2 is awesome if you ignore the stupid story, stupid enemy designs, and pointless boss fights.

Otherwise, the action and intensity is pretty badass.

theKiller3821d ago

it resemble the situation in iraq, and its a sad and true situation, because in Haze u take on the strong side(the US side) and u kill rebels(terrorist or resistance) and the nectar is making it look like a fun game to just kill(thats not the case for all US soldiers but for many in iraq at least from what i saw in youtube), i think thats the most thing depressed the reviewers that they gave it low score, yes the game is not an AAA game not even an AA but it is at least average!!

thereapersson3821d ago

Sure it's pretty underwhelming if you followed all the hype, but i'd still give it a 7 for an overall score.

mistertwoturbo3821d ago

I agree, Haze is a 7/10. It does things really well, at the same time they just mess it up with another.

tatotiburon3821d ago

two hyped games and just one flop: HAZE. And all the retards "HZE wasn't hyped" "two worlds, vampire rain bla bla bla". NG2 well the reviews are right, the camera sucks but it's a great game, metascore of 81%, not a GOTY but a good game. HAZE metascroe 60% and a 4/10 like LAIR, a totall FLOP!!

pwnsause3821d ago

no NG2 flopped, you guys hyped it even PP as well, you guys said it was going to be the best game ever HAHAHAHAHAHHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHA AHA, no one hyped haze, now lair was a different story.

thereapersson3821d ago

If a game recieves anything below 90 percent on the PS3, it's considered an "epic failure, flop, etc.". However, if a game scores in the mid-range percentile on the 360, it's still a great game. There really is a terrible double standard in place in this day and age of gaming fanboyism, with many people depriving themselves of many different gaming experiences just because they treat Metacritic and other similar sites as the holy grail of opinions on a piece of software.

The interesting thing is, according to a Game Informer article that culminated various scores across all systems *through* Metacritic, the 360 actually has a larger amount of games rated 85% and below than the PS3, so I really don't see where the arguement comes from that the 360 is THE UBER AAA GAME SYSTEM. Both systems have a decent amount of quality games to play for all types of gamers, with the PS3 (IMO) edging out the 360 in terms of general software diversity.

What it all boils down to is if a game looks interesting to you, then play it. If not, then you shouldn't be commenting on something your fanboy-restrictive nature will never touch.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3821d ago (Edited 3821d ago )

We will know if NG2 flooped when it's released, if it sells 3 million total through out it's life... Well, thats up there with Motorstorm, the PS3's biggest selling (prepackeged) game :) Droids are just pissed because Haze blowsm, and NG2 is doing alright. They thought they could try and get some payback, now they have to wait for MGS4 (year and a half after launch)

Haze = 4s (Haze couldn't even take Quake Wars, at 7's and low 8s)
NG2 = 8s

I think mine is bigger than yours :D

thereapersson3821d ago (Edited 3821d ago )

Good comments pertaining to this article!

edit: I think that a lot of this overblown negativity towards games or overblown hype towards others has a lot to do with the fact that these reviewers are in a position of "power", where many people are able to see their opinion in their favorite publication and take it as a gold standard. They will tend to blow things out of proportion in order to recieve more hits or an extended readership in their articles. Also, there are many reviewers out there that are forced to give a quick run through a particular game, especially when they have a hefty gaming schedule to keep up with; some of them probably never get to enjoy a game to its fullest extent because they are already looking to get it over with and move onto the next title.

If you look at many actual user opinions of games (take Haze, for a big example), the actual scores and opinions are usually different, especially when extreme negativity is given towards a game. I think normally when people are allowed to make up their own minds is when you really see discrepancies in a consensus about a particular title.

Closing3821d ago (Edited 3821d ago )

Haze was a flop, Ninja Gaiden 2 was not.

Thats just the way the cookie crumbles.

But it's ok because the ps3 has goty, mgs4 so it really doesn't matter too much either way. Gears 2 will come in second also being an amazing game.

MGS4=best campaign
Gears 2=best multiplayer

What can I say? It's a great year to be a gamer.

poos33821d ago

SHUT UP YOUR CLU ELESS fable 2,fallout 3.gears 2 mgs4 are the candiates for goty each game has a great chance mgs4 does not have a better chance than any of these games .(halo 3 is scoring better thqn mgs4)

thereapersson3821d ago

Just because a game scores higher does not automatically make it better.