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Nintendo Talks Metroid, Miyamoto Interested in More Prime

GR: I'm sure there are a number of Metroid fans who were disappointed by the lack of news regarding Nintendo's sci-fi franchise at this year's Los Angeles-based gaming expo. The Big N's Digital Event came and went without even so much as a tease of a new title staring Samus Aran.

However, it sounds like there may be reason for Metroid Prime fans to be excited. (3DS, E3, Nintendo, Wii U)

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randomass171  +   265d ago
That's what I like to hear! :D
acharlez  +   265d ago

I'm honestly not a fan of the 2D games. Much prefer the Prime titles.
ftwrthtx  +   265d ago
Haven't played one of these games in years, but this might get me on board with the Wii U
acharlez  +   265d ago
Just imagine what they could do with the GamePad!
randomass171  +   264d ago
One of my dearest friends bought me Metroid Prime Trilogy for my birthday a few years ago. Haven't let go of it since. Wonderful trilogy and works great on Wii. Looking forward to see what they do with Metroid on Wii U.
meganick  +   265d ago
Oh yeah, the last 3 are masterpieces. I'd love to play a new one in HD.
Metallox  +   265d ago
I don't know why but demand for a Metroid game is higher than ever, aside of course for the eight year waiting for Metroid Prime.
acharlez  +   265d ago
The prospect of a high definition Metroid Prime game is just too amazing.

The original Prime trilogy is gorgeous, but just imagine how those games would look with more detail and in glorious HD.
Ck1x  +   265d ago
I think this is the major influence for the Metroid U game. The interest is there because the 2 Prime games after the first really didn't offer anything that the 1st game already showed off. Most likely we will see something at e3 2015 and it will be epic!
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filchron  +   265d ago
now imagine that in HD VR. nintendo virtual-MAN as their next gen system? :p
Moonman  +   265d ago
I agree with Miyamoto 100%. :)
acharlez  +   265d ago
And I agree with your sentiment.
randomass171  +   264d ago
And I agree with your agreement of Moonman's sentiment. :P
jcnba28  +   265d ago
I would kill for another Prime game, the original was a masterpiece.
Moonman  +   265d ago
Go ahead and say that again! ;p
Munnkyman  +   265d ago
I'll say it I would kill for another Prime game, the original was a masterpiece.
randomass171  +   265d ago
Me too! I'd kill for another Prime game. The original was indeed a masterpiece! :D
HappyWithOneBubble  +   265d ago
I want to join this killing party. I would also kill for another Prime game. My fav game on Gamecube.
deafdani  +   265d ago
I would not kill for a videogame, I'm not a deranged psycho like you bunch of mass murderers.

That said, I'd violently assault an elderly person on the street for Metroid Prime. I'd just make sure not to murder him, because I'm considerate like that. :3
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randomass171  +   264d ago

...You scare me. XD
acharlez  +   265d ago
Agreed. Echoes and Corruption didn't capture the same magic of the original for me.
meganick  +   265d ago
True, but still great sequels though.
MSBAUSTX  +   265d ago
It better be in prime style. While Other M was entertaining, it didnt wow me they way Prime trilogy did. Those game were very pretty. I want that with better shading and HD graphics NOW.
coltlokk  +   265d ago
Hmm...I recently bought the Prime trilogy so I'm not that hungry for a 3D Metroid game, but the Wii U could sure use one!

I'd rather have a 2D metroid game for 3DS. I haven't played one since Super Metroid. xD
Venox2008  +   264d ago
you should play both GBA titles
stragomccloud  +   265d ago
Please make one more!!!! The 100% ending of Prime 3 indicates there should be one more part of the story!!!!
NiteX  +   265d ago
Please yes! Donkey Kong can take a rest for a while. I want Retro to make a new Prime.
TotalSynthesisX  +   265d ago
I hope they decide to go with Prime. I mean, the 2D Metroids are good, but... dat 3D exploration tho.

That reminds me... I need to finish playing Trilogy for the tenth time. hue
Inception  +   265d ago
A new Prime would be cool. But Miyamoto-san, please don't forget 2D Metroid. I'm dying to play new 2D Metroid like Zero Mission or Fusion T_T
Ck1x  +   265d ago
So what I'm most satisfied with is that Nintendo are listening to their fans now! I have never seen them openly gush about not only making new games in these franchises, but also with doing unique game play ideas to bring freshness to these worlds.
JSDude1  +   265d ago
I don't want prime (never liked this series), I want more of the 2D variety (or go fully 3rd person shooter) like Other M almost tried to do!
fatneal  +   264d ago
i feel like nintendo should release a hd remasterd versions of the prime trilogy to hold us off until the mnew metroid comes out
Ac7iVe  +   264d ago
Please make a new Prime game ! I'll jiz my pants if they announced it ;-)
CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   264d ago
I hope that the Next Metroid 3D gives the same choices that Zelda WiiU is promising-

A Splinter Cell/Far Cry/Metroid Prime that allows us to go after Bounties in any way we chose.
FPS, Stealth, Puzzles, Morphball vent Mazes, Even Negotiation, Hacking (MP2), or Puzzles.

- I hope they use the Prime style but don't make it a Prequel. Metroids aren't as big as Samus; who is the assist trophy and who has 2 representations?

- Lastly, I hope that they give me all of Samus's power at start and allow me to chose how to use them... maybe punishing me for being reckless such as: points- rewards- more opposition- possible structural damages- failed missions- civilian casualties for faulty aiming...)

I will play Metroid even if it is just a new Prime in HD.
DC777  +   264d ago
Too late if they are barely thinking about it. Be next gen again with the time they spend making these games.
GoPanthers999  +   264d ago
2016? No, 2017? Sounds like a thought, not a game in development.
CaptainN  +   264d ago
What they need to do is do both at the same time. Remember when Metroid Prime and Metroid Fusion came out around the same time??? This needs to be done again. Both those games linked up with each other and it was a nice bonus!

Just make a new Metroid for the U that's in FPS mode like Prime....(wont be called Prime since it was a trilogy)....lets call it Metroid Omega or Alpha....and for the 3DS make the game that was put on the back burner, Metroid Dread which is a sidescroller! It is not that hard to please both fanbases at the same time.

You have Retro do the console version, and EAD make the 3DS version...problem solved.
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