Nintendo Talks Metroid, Miyamoto Interested in More Prime

GR: I'm sure there are a number of Metroid fans who were disappointed by the lack of news regarding Nintendo's sci-fi franchise at this year's Los Angeles-based gaming expo. The Big N's Digital Event came and went without even so much as a tease of a new title staring Samus Aran.

However, it sounds like there may be reason for Metroid Prime fans to be excited.

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randomass171950d ago

That's what I like to hear! :D

acharlez950d ago


I'm honestly not a fan of the 2D games. Much prefer the Prime titles.

ftwrthtx950d ago

Haven't played one of these games in years, but this might get me on board with the Wii U

acharlez950d ago

Just imagine what they could do with the GamePad!

randomass171949d ago

One of my dearest friends bought me Metroid Prime Trilogy for my birthday a few years ago. Haven't let go of it since. Wonderful trilogy and works great on Wii. Looking forward to see what they do with Metroid on Wii U.

meganick950d ago

Oh yeah, the last 3 are masterpieces. I'd love to play a new one in HD.

Metallox950d ago

I don't know why but demand for a Metroid game is higher than ever, aside of course for the eight year waiting for Metroid Prime.

acharlez950d ago

The prospect of a high definition Metroid Prime game is just too amazing.

The original Prime trilogy is gorgeous, but just imagine how those games would look with more detail and in glorious HD.

Ck1x949d ago (Edited 949d ago )

I think this is the major influence for the Metroid U game. The interest is there because the 2 Prime games after the first really didn't offer anything that the 1st game already showed off. Most likely we will see something at e3 2015 and it will be epic!

filchron949d ago

now imagine that in HD VR. nintendo virtual-MAN as their next gen system? :p

Moonman950d ago

I agree with Miyamoto 100%. :)

acharlez950d ago

And I agree with your sentiment.

randomass171949d ago

And I agree with your agreement of Moonman's sentiment. :P

jcnba28950d ago

I would kill for another Prime game, the original was a masterpiece.

Moonman950d ago

Go ahead and say that again! ;p

Munnkyman950d ago

I'll say it I would kill for another Prime game, the original was a masterpiece.

randomass171950d ago

Me too! I'd kill for another Prime game. The original was indeed a masterpiece! :D

HappyWithOneBubble950d ago

I want to join this killing party. I would also kill for another Prime game. My fav game on Gamecube.

deafdani949d ago (Edited 949d ago )

I would not kill for a videogame, I'm not a deranged psycho like you bunch of mass murderers.

That said, I'd violently assault an elderly person on the street for Metroid Prime. I'd just make sure not to murder him, because I'm considerate like that. :3

randomass171949d ago


...You scare me. XD

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acharlez950d ago

Agreed. Echoes and Corruption didn't capture the same magic of the original for me.

meganick950d ago

True, but still great sequels though.

MSBAUSTX950d ago

It better be in prime style. While Other M was entertaining, it didnt wow me they way Prime trilogy did. Those game were very pretty. I want that with better shading and HD graphics NOW.

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The story is too old to be commented.