Star Citizen reaches $46 million – The end of stretch goals?

Cloud Imperium’s fund raising for Star Citizen continues and it’s taken just five days to raise another million. The $45 million brings another reward as voted for by the community, Updated Scanning Software.

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kratoz12091648d ago

is this coming to the PS4?

mkis0071648d ago

Probably not coming to either any time soon.

T21648d ago

Ps4 has some good aspects like cross-platform play but cr stated there will be no compromise for any versions so unlikely. However wing commander was on ps so there's a tiny chance.

TacticAce1648d ago

Why are they still taking money?

TekoIie1648d ago

Because people keep giving.

HollowZbankai1648d ago

im sure they could of given these goals for cheaper lol ppl pay to be ripped off lol it sure as hell dont cost 46mil to make what they have

General Shrooms1648d ago

It seems you don't have a firm grasp on how these things work. They don't claim it takes 46 million to make a stretch goal happen, it's just added to the "to-do" list. Stretch goals are merely incentives.

Persian_Immortal1648d ago

Christopher Roberts really milked the fans big time, this better be the greatest game of all time.