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Nvidia Geforce GTX 880 and 800 Series to be More Powerful But Cheaper than the 700 Series

"We have just received some really pleasant news on Nvidia’s Maxwell Architecture, the 20nm side of things to be exact. The new report basically mentions a few things; firstly, that the GTX 880 will be more powerful than the GTX 780, something common sense derives easily. And secondly that the GTX 880 will be cheaper than its 700 Series Counterpart. Now this, is the really interesting bit." (NVIDIA, PC, Tech)

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Intentions  +   78d ago
Hmm, was thinking about upgrading too.
starchild  +   78d ago
Even though I already have a GTX 770 I think I am going to upgrade to a GTX 880 or GTX 870. Especially if they have 4 or 6GB video memory options, since my GTX 770 only has 2GB and I can already see that being a limitation on a lot of new generation games.
Razputin  +   78d ago
Yup, this is the time I will upgrade my PC completely with this specifically in mind.

I have a GTX670 FTW GPU and its holding tight running most games on ultra still. But I know with these new and more powerful games it won't cut it coming to the end of the year if I want to continue to play on Ultra settings.
Somebody  +   78d ago
Same here. I'm hoping for the GTX880 to appear just in time for The Witcher 3 so this wonderful news, speculations or not, indeed. It's about time to replace my GTX570 and move to a high end card.
UltraNova  +   78d ago
I can sell you my R9-290X OC so I can get the R9 295X2 :p
XiSasukeUchiha  +   77d ago
Upgrading might be a good option right about now.
ATi_Elite  +   77d ago
at 12 to 16 Gflops a GPU I'm MOS DEF upgrading this time around.

So much POWER! Muh hah hah ahha ah ah!

Go Nvidia GO!
NYC_Gamer  +   78d ago
I really doubt the 8xx series will be that much cheaper at launch
Qrphe  +   78d ago
Exactly, there is little to no incentive to underprice the cards if AMD doesn't neither. It makes no financial sense.
Razputin  +   78d ago
What I think they mean is in comparison to what the price of those cards where at launch.

If for example the 780ti was $800 at launch the new 880ti may possibly less than that ie $700~, not be $500 while the 780ti is still $800.
Volkama  +   77d ago
AMD do massively undercut nVidia's prices already. Nvidia still sell just fine, so I can't see them dropping these new cards at anything less than a bag of crazy. Which is a lot in more conventional currencies. I think.
TekoIie  +   78d ago
I would take this info as pure rumour just to be realistic about things. However if it turns out to be true happy days :)
ninjahunter  +   78d ago
If the mobile series is any reflection of how the desktop counterparts will turn out, the 8 series will be very very good.
matrixman92  +   78d ago
I have a 760 in a PC i built just in March. This is tempting, mine is having trouble running new games like wolfenstein and watch dogs already
solar  +   78d ago
you might have something else wrong mate. im running dual 560ti's from years ago and had no problems running WD at high settings.
choujij  +   78d ago
While I can't speak for Wolfenstein, Watch Dogs just runs like crap stuttering all the time, even on my bro's GTX 770 @ 1080p with his 4770k.
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Vegamyster  +   78d ago
Those games aren't good ports, i've seen lots of people bring up performances issues with both of them.
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starchild  +   78d ago
Watch Dogs is demanding and I only really get stutters from the asset streaming. A SSD will have a bigger impact on how smooth that game feels than almost anything else.

That said, I get pretty good performance on my GTX 770 at ultra settings (except textures on high instead of ultra).
Are_The_MaDNess  +   78d ago
SSD's wont help much at all for the game really.
atleast not in its vanilla state.
sitting on Dual Raid0 SSD's here with over 500 meg readspeed each..... there is something else. steaming yes. but an SSD doesnt fix it for this game for alot of systems.
Cryptcuzz  +   78d ago
Wow, this would be awesome if true. I am long overdue for an upgrade.
kingduqc  +   78d ago
Another tidbit of information: People who watch closely have seen Engenering sample from GM204 from china's shipment and they are forced to indicated price on those and they where around 550$ USD. So anything from 500 to 600$ is really probable on the new flagship (ES sample had 4gb of vram too for those interested).

From the 750ti performance the 800 series could be easily 35% faster then their counterpart and 100$ cheaper. This is great news IMO.
TH3BR3W  +   78d ago
Im holding off on replacing my dual 770's with 708ti's until I see the 880's in action. I can not wait for the 800 series.... my anticipation is pure murder at this point.
solar  +   78d ago
been waiting for the Maxwell cards before upgrading.
KillerPwned  +   78d ago
Guess I'll just wait till these come out to upgrade then.
ElmoCooksGlass  +   78d ago
I hope that this is true because i fell like my gtx 770 4gb runs game like shit with fps drops
LAWSON72  +   78d ago
As much I want a new GPU I have been dying to get a 3DS
Qrphe  +   78d ago
If you're only going to spend under $200 bucks on a GPU, might as well get the 3DS
LAWSON72  +   78d ago
My GPU can be sold for $200 easily and I would probably spend an extra $200. I dont ever buy the same price GPU I try to move up a tier each year
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FlyingFoxy  +   78d ago
Good, still using a HD 5870 but there's some games coming that i am wanting to play, namely UE4 games, the new Wolfenstein, Doom and whatever else comes next year on new engines.

I may get an 880 if it's not stupidly priced like most Nv cards, should run those games really well.
Truehellfire  +   77d ago
nVidia's pricing was fine up until the 700 series. Flagship single gpu card was always $400-$500USD. When the Titan hit and cost $1000, that's when things got pretty crazy. Hopefully they go back to the flagship card being around $500.
jazmac  +   78d ago
It makes literally zero sense for those cards to be cheaper than there 700 counterparts, I'm gonna call BS on this one.
Dasteru  +   78d ago
It makes perfect sense. Lower prices equal more sales which in turn equals higher profits. It can also be used as a pre-emptive against AMD. Say Nvidia releases a GPU for $500, 2 months later AMD releases a competing card for $450. People will likely buy the AMD. If Nvidia then lowers the price of their offerings to $450 or even less, people will call them desperate and still be more likely to buy the AMD. If however Nvidia starts out at $450, AMD will be seen as desperate regardless of their pricing, unless it ends up more expensive. Either way, people will be more likely to buy the Nvidia card. The only way AMD would be able to escape it would be to release a noticeably more powerful card at the same price.
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jazmac  +   78d ago
It makes no sense because they've been competing with AMD for years, production for the latest components don't just magically get cheaper than there older equivalents.

By your logic why don't they sell them at half the price and then they'll sell even more...

There's a reason you don't see this happen ever.

Guarantee that this isn't going to be the case.
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Dasteru  +   78d ago
Just because they have been competing for years, doesn't mean they cannot take on new tactics to gain a larger market share. No components do not nessesarily get cheaper to produce, but they can lower their per unit margins in order to get more sales. It is the total net profit that matters, not per unit. Profit per unit does not need to be high as long as it is a profit. If they can make twice as many sales by lowering the price per unit by 10-15%, then why not? You need to look at the long term effects, not just the immediate.

Halfing the price would not maintain a profit per unit, they would then be loosing money overall.

Ex, $300 to make, sell 1 unit at $500 = $200 profit.


$300 to make, sell 2 units at $450 per, they are still making $150 profit per unit but now they are making $300 total profit instead of only $200. It is not MY logic, it is simply logic. Also if this allows them to gain a larger install base by not allowing enough room for AMD to undercut them, then they make even more money.
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Are_The_MaDNess  +   78d ago
too many bloody games coming out that is actually good.
my 580 is getting old and games are getting more demanding by the month, need a new card ASAP. but yeah. there have already been a good while since the last gen was released IMO.
maybe find a cheap 760 with 4gigs of ram or something till the 800 series comes out...... not sure if i would gain much from my 580 tho.
Consoleslateagain  +   78d ago
ill wait for the Pascal GPUs, then upgrade with intel cpu that going to work with nvlink
thebudgetgamer  +   78d ago
More for less always sounds good to me.
SirDjss  +   78d ago
Hmm, maby its time to try a Nvidia card this time. I have been supporting AMD for a couple of years now..
TH3BR3W  +   77d ago
Honestly it's a whole different (better) experience than 4 years ago. I support both Nvidia and AMD but I tend lately to lean on the nvidia side I've bought 3 cards series in a row that's a first for me.

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