A Date With Destiny: Thoughts From the Alpha

One player’s experience traversing the Destiny alpha on PlayStation 4.

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Steven36571646d ago

I thoroughly enjoyed traveling through the world, although the experience would have been better if I didn't have to play the game at 480p due to HDMI issues :/

XiYakushijuAkeginuXi1646d ago

What HDMI issue do you have? Do you need a new cable or something?

Steven36571646d ago

I've tried everything, today I turned on my PS4 to find that if I use any resolution above 480p it suffers from flickering/black screen.

Utalkin2me1646d ago

Just with this game? Or do you have the same problem with everything else? You have a good shielded cable and not using a splitter?

Eonjay1646d ago

There is a solution to this in the settings. If I find it I will let you know. I heard about people having this issue after an update.

Eonjay1646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )


If you are having Flickering and Snowing type issues go to "Sound and Screen" and click on Video Output Settings and change Deep Color Output to "Off". It has something to do with this setting and TV compatibility apparently.

emad-E-three1646d ago

It did happen with me actually 2 weeks ago and all I did turned off the system and back on and its fine! Though it was a first and after 1.71v!

christian hour1646d ago

If you're playing with friends, for the love of gaming, LEAVE PARTY CHAT! The proximity voice and environmental efects on voice chat etc is amazing, really adds to the feel of the game.

Had a blast with the alpha tonight, personally my hype for this game died down in recent months and I found myself not as interested in it.

Playing the alpha, its better than I'd ever anticipated.

jmac531646d ago

I know, I was amazed when you go inside the voice chat echoes. This game has amazing sound design and an awesome soundtrack.

starchild1646d ago

Good to know. I was starting to become unsure how good Destiny would be, but it seems a lot of impressions have been very positive.

christian hour1645d ago (Edited 1645d ago )

Yeah alarm bells went off when the recent story trailer was revelead and we saw dinklage as a 343 guilty spark-esque floating orb, felt like bungie were just threading old ground.

Having actually played it now, and heard dinklage's VA work and seeing the little guy (no pun intended) in action, it's nothing like halo at all story wise, and he's nothing like 343 guilty spark :)

Another thing that really surprised me was real time reflections in the water that are effected by ripples etc... I was running around The Tower, and noticed i could see every other player, the environment, and npc's reflected in real time, this is the sort of stuff I've been dying to see on consoles (real time reflections have been very minimal in console games in the past, sometimes confined to specific mirrors, or only reflecting an image map or the environment)

For anyone interested in seeing my initial reactions to all this stuff, I archived my broadcast on

about a minute in is when I notice the amazing sound design :P The rest is me being horrible at the game for 2 hours, so you can just ignore the rest!

DonDon1646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

Turn off HDCP setting in the ps4's visual settings. Should allow u to have high resolution again.

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Lawboy21646d ago

Right now the game is very generic to me...reminds me of warframe a little...only been playing for a little while so will see

Utalkin2me1646d ago

ROFLMAO, reminds you of warframe. Totally 2 polar opposites. Ray Charles is that you?

theDivision1646d ago

It is better than warframe because of the story. We only get one story mission but the ability to have a story really allows for a much deeper level of gameplay where as warframe gets repetitive pretty fast. The only similarities I see to warframe is the star map and it's space suit type fighting. Besides that I don't get any warframe vibes.

My only issue with the game so far is that I keep finding gear that I cannot use, and it's a shame because it looks like really awesome cool stuff that I can't try out.

necksnappa1646d ago

You have no concept of anything ,do you?

Tripl3seis1646d ago

the game is pretty cool i like it so far

SuburbanHell1646d ago

I like what I've seen so far, that wizard in the first mission is a pain in the ass.

Shadonic1646d ago

Thats when I drop a Nova bomb on em.

necksnappa1646d ago

The wizard is a joke compared to the world event bosses. I was solo and had a giant mech tank rock me. Like I was hitting it with stones.

SuburbanHell1645d ago

Oh yeah, I had that happen this morning when I rolled up a hunter, hitting it with stones is the perfect analogy there, solo completely useless against that thing.

0P-Tigrex1646d ago

Does this game even have a single player??

Eonjay1646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

I am pretty sure this game requires online. I hope that people know this going in. For the beta you have to be online to get it so...

But yes you can make it into a single player game by playing alone.

christian hour1646d ago

I believe you only need a ps+ for "the crucible" as thats the only time it comes up "PS+ required", when you select earth maps etc it seems absent, so singleplayer co-op might be for everyone, plus or not :) I hope thats the case for those folk who prefer to co-op than pvp and who aren't in to paying subs like psPlus etc.

incendy351646d ago

No, but you can kind of play it and ignore all the other players haha

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