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Uncharted 4 Lead Programmer Really Loves PS4: Goal Is to Make the Game Look Better than the Trailer

The good folks at Naughty Dog have given proof of their skills once more with Uncharted 4: A Thief‘s End’s trailer that impressed pretty much everyone at Sony’s press conference, even more so considering that it was fully in-engine.
One of the men behind the beauty of that video is Lead Programmer Christian Gyrling, who expressed his undying love for the console he’s working on. (Christian Gyrling, PS4, Uncharted 4: A Thief's End)

GamersHeaven  +   199d ago | Well said
Naughty Dog puts ever other developers to shame.
XiNarutoUzumaki  +   199d ago | Well said
No more CGI cutsecenes!!

The Order and Uncharted 4 are setting another standard in the graphic department this generation
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Lukas_Japonicus  +   199d ago | Well said
"Goal Is to Make the Game Look Better than the Trailer"


0.0......how?! Talk about setting the bar high. At this rate, the only game that will be able to top UC4, will be another ND game, lmao.
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Eonjay  +   199d ago | Well said

Exactly... they are orders of magnitude above the competition as it stands now. I guess they are competing against themselves now.
GameDev1  +   199d ago

I know right? They must be mental to make UC4 in game look better than that and deliver it by 2015
PLASTICA-MAN  +   199d ago
Aim for another galaxy next time lol: http://i.imgur.com/pGN0H4U....

You can do it and I never doubt it!

Edit: Dualshockers just got banned in Neogaf like playstationlifestyle. I wonder why.
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Evilsnuggle  +   199d ago

There is someone seriously BUTTHURT FANBOYS to disagree with your statement .

"The Order and Uncharted 4 are setting another standard in the graphic department this generation"

Haters that disagree with that how ! please name these games with better GRAPHICS than The Order or Uncharted because I have not seen them.

Those other consoles are to weak for graphic like that their last gen 2.0 weak . The gap is gots starting to show .

I didn't know how ND could top the graphic in the Order but they did amazing . you haters must can't bring you'er self to watch the trailer of the Order or Uncharted. Becaus anyone with eyes can see their graphic are The next level true next gen.

First the HATERS xoxo boys said UC4 was CGI found out that it's in game engine. Now it's just cut scenes keep moving the goal post ND going to kick the DAM football out the stadium.
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Brazz  +   199d ago
Look better than the trailer.

Well, they can make the thing run at 1080/60fps, 30fps is a ok, but 60fps whit this graphics is just lol! amazing!
MRMagoo123  +   199d ago
I cant see how the game could look better, I mean what can they do to make that look better ? I really dont think its gets any better but colour me surprised if they some how break the laws of physics and do it.
cellfluid  +   199d ago
Dont 4get drive club
starchild  +   199d ago
Yep, pretty much. Raising the bar again.

I have to so, though, that I'm surprised that Ready At Dawn, a relatively small studio that worked mostly on PSP games, is now bringing something like The Order 1886 to the gaming world. THAT, to me, is the biggest surprise.

Not to diminish Naughty Dog's accomplishments, because they are amazing, but most of us could have predicted Uncharted 4 would be another bar-raising game from them. On the other hand I would have NEVER expected something of the caliber of The Order 1886 from Ready At Dawn on their first PS4 game, despite their great work on the PSP God of War games. It's one of the more pleasant surprises of this new generation.
Destrania  +   199d ago
With Sony's first party this gen we'll be seeing a lot of 'captured directly from a PS4' because otherwise nobody would believe that what they're seeing isn't cgi. Incredible.
Oner  +   199d ago
Don't forget that whatever tricks ND learns/works out will passed onto other games too!
ShinMaster  +   198d ago
I was pretty impressed by the lighting in Uncharted 3:
UltraNova  +   198d ago
Well if the game ends up running 1080p/60fps then ND...

I have no words left.
XiSasukeUchiha  +   198d ago
Naruto, nobody can hate ND now, and any Xbox fans are getting really mad because their still in denial about all this, I'm getting really off topic by saying all fanboys can be just hypocrites about their platform.
MysticStrummer  +   198d ago
A friend texted me today saying how awesome and movie quality looking the UC4 CGI cutscene was. He was blown away when I told him it was just the beginning of a level.
amnalehu  +   194d ago
Don't forget Bloodborne. Graphically it will also be a powerhouse. I think that was the biggest surprise of E3.
Abash  +   199d ago
At this rate I'm convinced Naughty Dog is set out to make our eyes burst from how amazing Uncharted 4 looks
Ipunchbabiesforfun  +   199d ago
they want to handicap me? Is this a world takeover attempt? :(
Am-No-Hero  +   199d ago
" You can't see me "

all developers reaction when they saw UN4 trailer LOL
HighResHero  +   199d ago
Graphically maybe.
I'm still more interested in Bloodborne myself but UC4 will be great too.
I love how silent PC graphics elitists have been though(typing on my gaming laptop).
I said PS4 games could look as good or better than most PC games for a while, but at around 1080p. I got disagrees and rude remarks. I figured I'd let the games do the talking.
They don't wan't to doubt ND either because they know they'll be eating their words again.
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sorane  +   199d ago
"I love how silent PC graphics elitists have been though(typing on my gaming laptop)."

You must be looking in the wrong place because I've seen tons of PC guys commenting. Personally I think it looks great. I just think other games are much more impressive. Games like Witcher 3, Division, the new Batman, etc that have amazing scale,gameplay, and graphics. Stick Witcher 3 in a linear tightly controlled corridor, shrink the size of the world by 99%, shrink gameplay hours by about 192 hours, limit gameplay to swing sword&jump, and you'll have a game that looks just as good if not better.
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ssj27  +   199d ago
It's a fact. . Look at @sorane lol a PC elitist who has the balls to say that the wicher 3 looks better lol it looks bad and far way more inferior than uncharted 4.. I do agree Batman looks amazing (I bet it will not look that amazing on my ps4 and if it does I will get it day 1) but Uncharted 4 level of quality is still far superior. In the end they are different experiences and Batman and uncharted are amazing games no meters what or which one looks better. .

But the wicher 3 look like is a generation behind those two games in term of Graf and quality. .
Destrania  +   199d ago

Um, The Witcher 3 looks incredible and will certainly be a great epic-scale rpg. Cool thing is I can play that as well as Uncharted on my PS4. Win-win.
sorane  +   199d ago

Are you really trying to call someone else a fanboy? I'm surprised you haven't changed your name legally to Cerny yet. Now you're gonna say Witcher 3 "lol it looks bad and far way more inferior than uncharted 4" haha I find that just laughable.

"But the wicher 3 look like is a generation behind those two games in term of Graf and quality." hahahaha yeah ok I'd love to see what U4 would look like if it even had 1/100th of the things going on as the Witcher 3. Seeing how ND still doesn't have a game released that looks as good as the Witcher 2 I have no doubt that the Witcher guys could make a short tight linear corridor "cinematic" game that looks just as good if not better.
Imalwaysright  +   199d ago
Batman and The Witcher 3 are much more ambitious games than Uncharted will ever be. Add to that the fact that CD RED and Rocksteady have to spread their budget and resources for 3 platforms while ND just have to focus on 1. I guarantee you, if CD was making the Witcher 3 exclusively for PC it would easily surpass Uncharted 4 graphical fidelity.
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MegaRay  +   199d ago
Not really. If others developers has the same freedom and budget ND has, they would've done better (or equal) job.
By that I am referring to Square's developers and specially Nomura.

@Disagrees: i am not denying ND's awesomeness, but i dont down other developers cuz of ND
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dmitrijs88  +   199d ago
Nether Gods.
wastedcells  +   198d ago
The guys at the sony booth said that trailer was from an actual level, no cg at all. The cut scenes are going to be like the order which are all in game so you go straight into game play without loading or taking you out of the action. Really cool.
kingahmad90  +   191d ago
XiNarutoUzumaki  +   199d ago
Goddammit Naughty Doge.

I Love You!
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Ultr  +   199d ago
hahaha they just went crazy :D :D I like it
HighResHero  +   199d ago
Funny how they could say something so seemingly crazy and you'd almost have to be crazy to doubt them.
THE-COMMANDER  +   199d ago
This is why i love Naughty Dog!
0P-Tigrex  +   198d ago
2 butthurt xbots
Clunkyd  +   198d ago
I'd say PC elitists
ziggurcat  +   199d ago
if they manage to make the game look *better* than the trailer... god help us all...
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0P-Tigrex  +   198d ago
Only way to do that is to make CGI quality gameplay. I believe in the Dogs.
Legendary-Status  +   199d ago
Better than the trailer??? after that trailer your clearly in virtual reality like omg!!!
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KonsoruMasuta  +   199d ago
Never played an Uncharted game before but that trailer looks good. This would be a day one for me.
Should probably play the other ones while I'm waiting.
Lukas_Japonicus  +   199d ago | Funny
Borrow/steal/buy a PS3 and borrow/steal/buy all 3 UC games right now.
THE-COMMANDER  +   199d ago
PLASTICA-MAN  +   199d ago
Dude, wait a little, i am sure there will be an Unchrated collection on PS4. It would be betetr to experience them in 1080p/60FPS just like TLOU. Those who waited are luckier.
TOTSUKO  +   199d ago

The order you have it in.
Malphite  +   199d ago
I'll try them out when PSNow launches in europe. I have a 16MBit/s now. They recommend 12Mbit/s so I'll definately try it out.
starchild  +   199d ago
I sincerely hope there is a remastered Uncharted collection on PS4. Those games are masterpieces that deserve to get the next gen makeover that other lesser games have gotten.

I would buy that collection in a heartbeat.
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LordMe  +   199d ago
They are great. In my option from best to worst is U2 > U > U3.

But they are all great games. And should be fairly cheap by now! U3 was free for PS+ for a while.
starchild  +   199d ago
Yeah, I agree, but it's not a huge difference to me. It would go something like this for me:

Uncharted 2 = 97
Uncharted Drake's Fortune = 94
Uncharted 3 = 92

All amazing games, though.
Ultr  +   199d ago
they could be bringing the games to ps4 hmm
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Kurisu  +   199d ago
Yes, yes you should!
Visiblemarc  +   199d ago
Play them and the Last of Us if you haven't played that. Their games are insanely good.
Buljo  +   199d ago
Graphics mean nothing if the framerate is shit.
Legendary-Status  +   199d ago
your talking 2 the Creator's of TLOU & Uncharted their DEV GOD'S pretty sure they got that handle...
Ultr  +   199d ago
thanks captain
ABizzel1  +   199d ago
Which is exactly why the last 2 Uncharted's and the Last of Us had extremely steady framerates, and the Uncharted's were lock at 30fps, and why they're aiming for 60fps with UC4.
starchild  +   199d ago
I just hope that if they shoot for 60fps they actually manage to achieve a solid 60fps. And if it fluctuates below that I hope they will give us the option to cap it at 30fps the way Infamous Second Son and Killzone SF did.

But you are right, the Uncharted games had very steady framerates. And TLOU, while it didn't have as steady a framerate as Uncharted 2, for example, it wasn't too bad overall.

I'm sure Naughty Dog will give us very satisfactory performance or different options to suit different preferences.
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Eonjay  +   199d ago
Good thing they are comitted to 60FPS right?
Deividas  +   199d ago
Your foolish if you are doubting NaughtyDog.
Buljo  +   198d ago
I'm not doubting them, they and Santa Monica are the best first party developers Sony has, but a lot of other developers don't grasp the concept that even if the game looks photo-realistic, if it plays like a slideshow the effort has gone to shit.

We've had a lot of that going around in the PS3 era.
MasterCornholio  +   198d ago
Dont worry this is Naughtydog and they are making the game for PS4.
uth11  +   199d ago
They do realize that if even 1 pixel is different from the trailer, everyone will be screaming DOWNGRADE!?
T2  +   198d ago
No didn't you hear the new grasping at straws argument is that the games are too linear. Check out the article about the order lol... Such desperation
wastedcells  +   198d ago
no man that trailer is the real deal in game footage and from an actual level, if anything it will look better considering its still early.
jay2  +   199d ago
Dev's need to get a grip, so few show us what the hardware can do.(this is of cause aimed at the sub-par next gen games).
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DirtyPimp  +   199d ago
me tinks noty doog rule
mrpsychoticstalker  +   199d ago
No linear games please. * opinion

I prefer open world. *Opinion


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Lukas_Japonicus  +   199d ago
Lol. And you care....why, exactly? It's not as if you'll be playing it, or any other of their games. Why are you even commenting here? You must still be feeling the hurt on your butt from the UC4 reveal and the following news of it being in-engine, realtime, running on a single PS4.

Linear games are what ND do, and they do them better than anyone else. That's like saying to Bethesda: "no open world games please".

I wonder if you're going to say the same thing in Gears Of War 4 articles, or Ryse 2 articles? Probably not. Linear games aren't acceptable when they're PS4 exclusives, that look better than anything else shown, amirite?
#12.1 (Edited 199d ago ) | Agree(18) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Ipunchbabiesforfun  +   199d ago
his name is oddly fitting...
LordMe  +   199d ago
Uncharted has always been one. And there is nothing wrong with that.
wenaldy  +   199d ago
RYSE says hello.
Lukas_Japonicus  +   199d ago


"Lol" indeed, mrsonystalker. You think adding "opinion*" makes you any less of a jealous troll? Your "opinion" is void, because you have no intentions of playing this game.

Stay salty- http://mkerala.com/u/di/O1X...
#12.4 (Edited 199d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
0P-Tigrex  +   198d ago
From that angle i literally thought it was Liam Neison in person... like.. .no F'n way!
sckipt  +   198d ago
Apparently you never played some of the greatest games ever created if you don't like linear.
T2  +   198d ago
I guess you didn't buy ki, forza, or ryse. And you won't be getting halo remix either as not an open world game in sight lol. What a troll
Bathyj  +   198d ago
You only play sandbox games?

I feel sorry for you.
Pancit_Canton  +   199d ago
It is possible that they can top the trailer they showed at E3. They probably showed an old build running in unoptimized engine. One year is plenty for naughty dog to optimized and polish the game.
Locknuts  +   199d ago
Fun first, ND. I'm glad they're going for 60fps though.
Ipunchbabiesforfun  +   199d ago
A black commenter on the story (his disqus has a photo) said ND is on some "real nigga shit" anyone care to decipher that comment? I'm white, that doesn't really make sense. Unless ND is on some real black shit. lol
Spotie  +   198d ago
It means it's real, as in honest. As in true, non-artificial individuals. No pretenders, no liars, no fakers.

You're being real, reliable, truthful, all that good stuff.
sungin  +   199d ago
he mean downgradelol like what they did with uncharted 2
PrinceOfAllSaiyans  +   199d ago
May the Gods be with us, damn Naughty God runs circles around all the other studios out there. How can they be that good ? They're overpowered. Lol love them.
#17 (Edited 199d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
cyclindk  +   199d ago
So better than an orgasm-burger with ecstasy-fries and serenity-soda, large, combo, with a coupon for free Naughty Dog hot fudge sundae... bring it.
Bathyj  +   198d ago
I feel dirty and hungry now.
cyclindk  +   198d ago
As you should sir, as you should
sckipt  +   198d ago
Naughty Dog puts PC graphics to shame on consoles...... Like wtf how in the world can they make it look better. And at 60 FPS!?!?
plaZeHD  +   198d ago
This is what they were capable of last gen.
SolidGear3  +   198d ago
The Death of CGI
MasterCornholio  +   198d ago
Hey if they can do it awesome. But the trailer looks so good that dont believe that the game will look better than it.

I would love Naughtydog to surprise me though.

P.S After seeing how amazing PS4 exclusives look is anyone kind of mad that some multiplats are not on the same level?
#22 (Edited 198d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
larrysdirtydrawss   198d ago | Spam
Me-Time  +   198d ago
Didn't read the article for the sake of possible flamebait material, so I'll dip my poo into the pool.

It'll be impossible to make it look than the trailer.

If "they're" talking about the final code/game/release, then I buy it. But "game(play)"-wise, it isn't possible unless they made the trailer look worse than it does now (gameplay-wise) and the "trailer" might not include all the gameplay video we need to debate this 'trailer vs. game' comparison.

It's not worth the +100 comments.
dane123  +   198d ago
Do you have any relevant expertise or knowledge in programming or coding? Or just full of shit?

If they say they CAN do it , means they can. They aren't other companies showing cgi's just for the sake of attention to get more sales, this is ND you're talking here, just take a comparison of Ucharted 1 & TLoU & see the difference.

Actually I don't really believe them 100% too, at the end of it you just have to wait & see.
Me-Time  +   198d ago
Uncharted and TLOU were last generation and on the PS3. This gen, with the X1 and PS4, we won't see the kinds of graphical leaps that translated over the course of last gen's development. It can be seen where things can improve, but we're in a time where visual (gameplay) graphics on PC's have been reaching that limit of technical possibilities.

I don't agree with the sentiment that X1/PS4 are PC's from 2010 or whatever. On the contrary of what you may think I think, once developers can tap into this generation of game consoles' technological limits/possibilities, then we'll get to see what ND can achieve. I'm really not saying that ND isn't good enough to do what amazing work they did with Uncharted on the PS3; in other words, live up to their name. I'm merely saying in this comment (to your reply) that it isn't possible this early after the PS4's release to have belief in the goal - which is pretty much the endgame - they have set for themselves.

Yes, UC 4 won't release for another year, give or take. But, that still isn't enough time to make the gameplay look better than the trailer. They've ventured on this path of creating stunning-looking gameplay, undoubtedly, but... just no; UC 4 will not look better than its trailer.
#24.1.1 (Edited 198d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
dane123  +   198d ago
Buuullshit! These guys are aliens I tell you.
ion53  +   198d ago
Naughty Dogs must have access to hidden power that other devs don't have. The trailer looked amazing. How can you beat that?!

Hyped for this game.

(Don't see why other devs cannot tap out the ND power)
Tzuno  +   198d ago
so after all it was a trailer :)
kingahmad90  +   196d ago
Good , can't wait

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