Devil’s Third Features a Level Editor, Customizable, and Competitive Multplayer

It looks like Devil’s Third will feature a level editor in addition to online competitive multiplayer, which we knew about. Players will also be able to customize their characters and take them online

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ritsuka6661642d ago

This shit look fun as all hell.

Ck1x1642d ago

Yeah there's a video on YouTube showing off about 20-30 minutes of customizable options and online multiplayer battles. The game shows lots of promise and I think will be extremely fun! The director guy said that the game is 80% done, so this could be an early 2015 game for WiiU possibly. 2015 might go down as one of the greatest years in gaming history! Great games all around on all systems...

Reeze1642d ago

Yesterday in the Twitch stream, when this game was shown, everyone immediately started spamming "cat head." I love that chat. Exactly.

fatneal1642d ago

cardboard box man was great

theshredded1642d ago

Shame this is an exclusive,the game feels like old school fun

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