E3 2014: Everybody's Gone to 2015

GGG writes about how E3 2014 showed how decimated the lineup for all consoles this year is and how 2015 will be the first huge year for games on PS4, Xbox One and Wii U.

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wonderfulmonkeyman1643d ago

Pretty sure Nintendo has a few big-name titles for this year.
Smash and Bayonetta, for starters...

deafdani1643d ago

Smash, Bayo 2 and Hyrule Warriors. What else?


StealthPandemic1643d ago

Bayonetta 2
Hyrule Warriors
Fantasy Life
Sonic Boom
Pokemon Omega Ruby and Aplha Sapphire
Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker (2014)
Devil's Third (2014)
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (NA release)
Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth

coltlokk1643d ago

Smash is huge though! The biggest game coming out this year maybe.

The other Nintendo titles are pretty decent but not on the level of smash: there's bayonetta 2 (+ bayo 1), Hyrule Warriors, Captain Toad, Watch_Dogs (dunno if that counts, but it's pretty big). Oh and Sonic Boom (which may or may not continue the sonic cycle :/) 3DS isn't getting much either. Ace Attorney vs Prof. Layton and the Ace Attorney Trilogy, Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call looks pretty good, actually it's getting Pokemon OR/AS and any Pokemon game is usually big.

So Nintendo does have a FEW big-names...

Most big games are definitely coming out 2015 though which is kinda disappointing.

deafdani1643d ago

I meant Wii U games, so the Pokémon ones are out. Same for Fantasy Life, Persona Q and Phoenix Wright.

- Sonic Boom: I will be very cautious with this one. Sonic games tend to be hit and miss. However, I still need to play Sonic Lost World, and I have a feeling I will like that game. Thanks for the reminder! :3

- Devil's Third: this shows some promise, and I hope it delivers gameplay-wise, because the graphics right now are extremely rough. It would be good if they updated the textures in the game at least.

- Captain Toad: yup, completely forgot about this one. I thought it was going to be a 2015 release. But if not, awesome! The Toad sections in Mario 3D World were superb, so I'm pretty sure this game will be great. :)

So, yup, The way I see it, I'm absolutely, 100% sure that Smash, Bayonetta 2 and Captain Toad willl be superb games. The other 3 (Hyrule Warriors, Devil's Third and Sonic Boom) are "wait and see" for me.

Another thing that worries me, is that most, if not all of these games, are going to be released towards the end of the year. That's a few months away. What will I play on my Wii U on the meantime besides more Mario Kart (which is amazing)? And Sonic Lost World, I guess!

Welp, looks like I will have quite some time to finish my small backlog of games on both my PS3 and Wii U.


wonderfulmonkeyman1643d ago

If you want something between those dates, take a look at indie offerings!
Shovel Knight is on track for near the end of this very month, for instance.

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deafdani1643d ago

I'm burned on indie games, sadly. I've played a lot of indie sidescrollers in the past years, and some of them are absolutely amazing, but it's a genre I feel pretty saturated with already. So, I'm a bit hungry for 3D games.

Maybe I'll check out Armillo because of this, and Guacamelee, which I'm told is a lot of fun. Glad I didn't get it on my PS3, it will feel more at home on my Wii U. :P

colonel1791643d ago

I sold my PS3 and bought a Wii U. Someone made me a pretty good deal to get a PS4 instead, but I refused. I was thinking that there were no games for PS4 yet, and there were more games for the Wii U at the moment that I wanted to play.

I thought that after E3, I would regret my decision, but now I am very happy I went for the Wii U. Not only can i wait a little longer to get a PS4, but now, I can buy it in white! Like I was thinking then, the best time to buy a PS4 is Q1 2015. By that time, The Order will be out, Destiny too, and the entire year will be filled with games, and while they are out, I can enjoy inFamous Second Son and The Last of Us Remastered.

However, depending on how limed the white PS4 will be, I will have to buy it in October, because that's the one I want.