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Do Gamers Demand Collectors Editions Or Do Publishers?

Do Gamers Demand Collectors Editions Or Do Publishers?

E3 2o14 has focused on the games! All of the Publishers have supported this overall theme throughout.

But the top games that have been announced will no doubt have their content and glamorous collectors piece already planned out (Culture, Industry)

admiralvic  +   46d ago
It's a little of both, since many odd games have gotten a CE (Catherine, Mugen Souls, Neptunia) and many huge games (just about every AAA title in the past 3 years). When it comes to bigger games, I think companies demand them (at least more so than consumers) so they can get increased coverage, constant marketing (how many times have you seen a huge Assassins Creed CE box at a retailer?), more coverage and they generally get a fair amount of support. However, when it comes to smaller games, it's certainly the fans. This is because smaller games don't usually get collectibles and are usually limited to hard to find / rare press items and low print CEs to get something from that game.

In the end though, I don't really mind CEs. Best case some fans get neat little nicknacks they can enjoy and worst case it doesn't sell and I can find it on sale for cheap.

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