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Sony Now Sending Out Destiny First Look Alpha Codes VIA Email and PSN

Those of you that applied for your Alpha Codes need to check your email. Codes are going out now. (Destiny, PS4)

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GamersHeaven  +   386d ago
Got mine try some a few minutes

@thekhurg-Same here
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thekhurg  +   386d ago
Got mine, but PSN is down. Can't enter code...
Lukas_Japonicus  +   386d ago
Been playing mine with a friend for the past 2 hours or so. Here are some screenshots-


The game is pretty good. Shooting feels solid, cruising around on your Sparrows with friends is fun, the multiplayer is pretty solid so far too. So far so good.
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Ultr  +   386d ago
woooooo it looks phenomenal
Ripsta7th  +   386d ago
@Lukas what are your thoughs so far on gameplay and graphics?
Ashunderfire86  +   386d ago
That's odd? I am downloading mines right now in New Jersey. Check your internet provider.
Lukas_Japonicus  +   386d ago

Graphically, it's pretty food. The lighting is very nice especially, and i really like the design of the environments. I'm pretty impressed considering it's in alpha.

Gameplay wise, the shooting feels very solid. The Sparrow is nice and smooth to drive.....just all round solid i guess. Framerate is a pretty solid 30 too, only noticed a few minor hiccups.
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fenome  +   386d ago
It said psn down for maintenance for me, but I turned my PS4 off and them back on and for some reason that worked :p

I'm waiting for it to download right now and it needs to hurry up, I wanna play!!
Jughead3416  +   386d ago
My download says 14 hours left...... Crap
Eonjay  +   386d ago
Yup I got mines too. I will joing in tonight.
Ron_Danger  +   386d ago
Just got my code!!
angelsx  +   386d ago
I played 2-3 hours.The game looks great but that 30fps hurts
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lsujester  +   386d ago
Got mine, but I'm at work until midnight. NOOOO!!!!
Baccra17  +   386d ago
@lukas can you choose which class to be? And what classes have you tried so far?
kneon  +   386d ago
I downloaded it about an hour ago and played for about 30 minutes.

It looks ok, nothing special. The level design seems good though.

The enemy AI is incredibly stupid, they don't really come after you so you can just hide behind a rock to heal or wait for your grenade to recharge.

I suspect some heavy autoaim as I'm getting a lot more headshots than expected. I normally get a lot but having not played much FPS in the last few months I didn't expect so many.

I've only played solo so far so can't comment on other aspects of the game.
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EyeWishUHeaven  +   386d ago
I'm in as well/ PSN: Power-Fantastic

Downloading Now :-)
vickers500  +   386d ago
Just played this for 6 hours straight, something I rarely do with video games.

How does it look? F*cking gorgeous the first time you see it. The lighting is spectacular, the environments are amazingly designed, the grass, the sky (there's day and night cycles). Screenshots and compressed online videos don't do this game a bit of justice. I've seen quite a few of trailers of Destiny before I played the game and didn't think it looked like anything special in terms of graphics. Good, but not amazing. Boy was that far from the actual truth.

This is by far the best looking ps4 game I've ever played, and yes, I've played through inFamous twice, this looks better.

The gameplay is so fluid and smooth, even though it's 30fps (which I now just learned from the below comments as it's not something that really crossed my mind while playing it), you probably wont notice it.

I had no technical problems at all. There was seemingly no lag. I say seemingly because I believe Bungie has cleverly disguised lag in this game. Every now and then, I would notice my co-op partner go invisible for a little while (not just disappear, but an animation kicks in) and then reappear with that same "warp-like" animation. It's not an ability, it's not a special class perk or anything like that because we were both different classes and this happened early on. It took me a while to figure it out, but I'm fairly certain it's just an awesome way that they disguise lag.

It was incredibly fun to me, though having people that I knew certainly increased the fun I had, but wow, what fun it was. Destiny is a day one buy for me after playing this. I may even consider buying the collector's edition if they have one, I'm that confident. I loved the Borderlands games, and this is similar in terms of the co-op experience you get from it.

Seriously, sign up for the beta/alpha the first chance you get, it's great.
Benchm4rk  +   386d ago

In comparison what does the shooting feel like compared to Halo?
Raf1k1  +   386d ago
Got this today and the Battlefield Hardline code yesterday but didn't realise.

I know what I'm doing this weekend :)
oxybulle  +   386d ago
I played for an hour, so far, like it and its pretty.

My PSN: pascalv
mcarsehat  +   386d ago

I've not seen that much of Destiny's gameplay, do you travel through space to each planet like No man's Sky or do you just go to gateways and then load into the levels like Borderlands or Mass Effect?
Gamer1982  +   386d ago
This is one of the main reasons i'm glad I chose PS4 over Xbox One for my early purchase :). Played the game last night and looks amazing and plays really well..
TFJWM  +   386d ago
Got mine as well download should be done in 15 mins or so. Will see if its worth all this hype or not soon
Shadonic  +   386d ago
cant really see if its worth it yet if its just an alpha test.
Rodney25  +   386d ago
I got mine too awesome. What's you guy's PSN ID, mines is Rodtastic25
TheFutureIsBlue  +   386d ago
Got mine too. I guess it would be against the rules to stream this since it is beta? =p
Blaze929  +   386d ago
My download is telling me 57 hours left (1893 MB/6684 MB)....on a 50MB/30MB Verizon FiOS connection.

You gotta be kidding me Sony -_-. I guess everyone (who got in) is downloading at the same time or something? Still - this is ridiculous.
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Yo Mama  +   386d ago
Dude, you need to get your internet checked out. I have a Time Warner 50mb/down connection and it took me 45 minutes, if that. It's not always Sony's fault.

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liquidhalos  +   386d ago
I had the same problem, to fix it I changed my dns server to Google. It's really easy. Just Google. Change ps4 dns settings. It comes straight up, takes 1 minute and drastically improves download speeds for some reason.
Blaze929  +   386d ago
thanks @liquidhalos - I'll check that out right now.
ATGaming4  +   386d ago
Mine is installing really slow should I try re-installing?
oODEADPOOLOo  +   386d ago
@ Lukas_Japonicus

How do you manage to be on almost every article on this site and almost always as one of the first comments?
wastedcells  +   386d ago
played it at E3, it was awesome...they gave out alpha access in the sony booth.
Copen   386d ago | Spam
Majin-vegeta  +   386d ago
Nothing :(.If anyone doesnt want their code you can PM it to me :p
adventureghost124  +   386d ago
You have to go out of your way too sign up for it so probably not, sorry!
TacoTaru  +   385d ago
I got a code and never signed up for anything since I don't play first person shooters other than Bioshock like games. Don't know why I got it.

I'd give it away but my son decided he would play a little so I could see what it looks like. I'll be lucky if he plays for an hour since he only plays DOTA2 and Wildstar.
Majin-vegeta  +   386d ago
Update:Just got my code :D
sinjonezp  +   386d ago
Yep..just got my code. Haven't downloaded it yet. What you guys think of the alpha so far?
TFJWM  +   386d ago
Pretty solid, only has the 1 map but controls are pretty tight and graphics are decent. I prob wasnt going to buy it before hand, but now I think leaning towards picking it up. The 6v6 map is fun I really wish they had one of the co-op maps thou
ipach  +   386d ago
instant vehicle was a nice surprise. graphics are a little underwhelming for me: kinda has a borderlands drawn feel... definitely an alpha... but I like this trigger button jump convention that is starting to stick (thanks titanfall)
djplonker  +   386d ago
Nothing yet what is very worrying is the email I use for psn has never had an email from sony not sure what to do :/

I did get two ps4 battlefield hardline beta codes.... whoopy /s
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admiralvic  +   386d ago
I know that feeling, but have some faith.


I just got my code and can't wait to try it out!
djplonker  +   386d ago
Just managed to verify my email lol I have had that account since 2010 and didn't notice hope I can still get a code!

Edit: no code I messed up....
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Fixay  +   386d ago
I still haven't received mine either, bit of a bummer.

It seems many people from the UK haven't got one yet

Edit: Oh and PSN is down for me anyway so I can't even redeem it if it did randomly come through lol
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Shakengandulf  +   386d ago
Its worth checking junk mail too, thats where mine were.
Chuk5  +   386d ago
Just got mine. I've lost intrest but i might regain it if I can see what it's all about.
Fixay  +   386d ago
Dam if you lose interest then may I have the code please? haha

Bit cheeky I know but I genuinely am interested in this game.
Omegabalmung  +   386d ago
Got one :)
Codewow  +   386d ago
Now that this is news, everyone needs to be weary about fake emails. Thankfully most companies are getting smarter and just flag an account rather than send a key in their email.
thekhurg  +   386d ago
The Destiny Alpha email is a code to enter while logged into PSN. Any email telling you to go to a website is fake.
Codewow  +   386d ago
Yes, and a lot parents/newer folk won't realize this.
ftwrthtx  +   386d ago
Actually the email gives you a link to the PSN FAQ in regards to redeeming codes, so you that's not always the case.

It's all about looking at the actual URL in the email before clicking.
Bowzabub  +   386d ago
LordMe  +   386d ago
I got mine! Now to wait for my horribly slow internet to download it!
JoGam  +   386d ago
Mine was up to 15hrs. It can't be my internet. I think the server is getting hit hard.
kneon  +   386d ago
It took me about 20 minutes to download, that was about 2 hours ago.
Tripl3seis  +   386d ago
just got mine right now downloading!!!
brandonb21  +   386d ago
got one
thejigisup  +   386d ago
Haven't gotten my code yet I'm hoping I got in I have all weekend free and would love to get some serious hours logged
thejigisup  +   386d ago
Got my code it'll be ready in one hour
Battlefieldlover  +   386d ago
i got mine :) waiting for it to finish downloading as we speak.
neocores  +   386d ago
wow I got my at 9am and I just barley looked lol0.0 add me on PSN peewee78368
waltonboy52  +   386d ago
Just got mine downloading know.
lonelyplayer  +   386d ago
can I still apply for a code?
EDIT 1: http://playstation.greatnes... Registration is closed. :(
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Shadonic  +   386d ago
look around online i think their still going to be giving out codes, look on reddit and twitter and ask them.
SpitFireAce85  +   386d ago
How long is the Alpha beta?
thejigisup  +   386d ago
Alpha is the weekend beta is longer next month
Rhezin  +   386d ago
huh? Do you mean it ends this Sunday then?
windblowsagain  +   386d ago
Just got a code and i'm downloading. I also got a BF hardline code today, very good game.
Shakengandulf  +   386d ago
Same here, except i gave my bf code away, bf4 was a mess and took too long to fix so i'll skip hardline and buy the game after that.. Hopefully battlefront.
Deathdeliverer  +   386d ago
Got my Destiny beta, the ps now ps4 beta (Runs and looks like a disc is in!), and the hardline beta!
Clown_Syndr0me  +   386d ago
After an hour my first impressions are as follows.
The game is holding up well for an Alpha, experienced no bugs or lag yet. The graphics decent but not stunning - I expect that will change yet. The controls are pretty standard for an FPS, plays smoothly. It has a basic customisation system id expect from an MMO type game, but again I expect that to be expanded on vastly yet.
But the main thing ofcourse is the fun factor and if Im honest Ive found it very underwhelming and rather dull so far - Im pretty bored and happy to call it a night. But I see potential here and I know better than to judge a game entirely on its alpha test. I did have a quick bash at the pvp and whilst its nothing revolutionary I did enjoy it.
I look forward to the upcoming beta to see how its improved.
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devileyed  +   386d ago
Yeah i have to agree it's pretty bland in the gameplay dept. It really feels like a halo/borderlands mashup. The A.I.,the dropships, the constant enemy respawns right on top of you are all halo the rest feels like borderlands without the fluid combat. even the enemies all use halo tricks. how bout the "hive" ? they sure are awfully similar to the flood.
GW212  +   386d ago
Thanks for the honest feedback. I got my code but haven't check it out yet.

Add me GKW212 on PSN if you have a chance.
cfc83  +   386d ago
All ive been doing is dancing. Where is the action ?
Fixay  +   386d ago

Try out some PVP?
If you want a first look at the game then just go play Borderlands. Destiny is nothing but a Borderlands clone anyway.
supes_24  +   385d ago
Lol! You couldn't be more wrong. You definitely don't have an alpha key because the two are nothing alike. I quit Borderlands after a few tries. Didn't like the art style at all. If you've ever played Halo you'd know what to expect. This is s mix of Halo and Mass Effect imo.
SpinalRemains138  +   386d ago
Sweet. Just got mine. ,:)
boogie305  +   386d ago
Got my code baby!!!! Hit me up guys! XxREAPER305xX on PSN... I don't have many to play with so please request me. Thanks
GW212  +   386d ago
I'm on it... I got my code but haven't had a chance to play. See you on it this weekend.
Jsoc  +   386d ago
My son and I got ours . Waiting for him to get home and install ... Can't wait ... My PSN name is sancop if any body want to play
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MegaMohsi  +   386d ago
Damn no code for me yet, hopefully soon. When are they sending them out until?
The_Sneauxman  +   386d ago
I got my code thanks to Sony's E3 Experience. I can't download it until tonight after work. Ughhh
Ethereal  +   386d ago
Input the code on the web store and push it to your PS4 so it ready to play when you get home.
isa_scout  +   386d ago
Got mine,sooooo excited. It needs to hurry up and DL already. I know it's only an Alpha, but everything I've seen so far suggests it's in much better shape than some retail games.
SPARTANSCORPION1  +   386d ago
Nightfallen  +   386d ago
This game is worth every cent. From the single player, to the strike missions and crucible multiplayer. Everything is top notch and smooth. Never have I enjoyed a beta (rather alpha) so much.
cellfluid  +   386d ago
I got mine its download as i type this.Ol c u online.. cellfluid
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