1985FM - Firsthand Look at Project Morpheus

1985FM Writes:

"Not even ten minutes after opening the show floor on day one of E3, appointments to test out Morpheus, were gone. Luckily, we anticipated mass hype for Sony’s upcoming VR headset, so we knocked over a few people and managed to get a hands-on. After sitting down — and standing — with the tech, I’m happy to say Sony has something great coming for PS4 owners."

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AgentSmithPS41643d ago

My new body is ready.

"No scan lines or technical issues to pull you out of the experience. The visual presentation is truly impressive."

joab7771643d ago

Sony said that the tech is done. I wonder if they will sell it as a single item if u own the move controllers.

Now we wait for software. Hopefully not too many in house studios are tasked forthis. Hopefully games are able to be coded for it w/ relative ease.