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Bayonetta 2 to Include Mech Form

Bayonetta 2 just keeps getting more and more interesting. (Bayonetta 2, Wii U)

kingtroy  +   129d ago
Sound awesome
JohnathanACE  +   129d ago
Mechs make everything better.
XiNarutoUzumaki  +   129d ago
JohnathanACE  +   129d ago
I had a friend who did meth , and I can confirm no it doesn't.
LordMe  +   129d ago
Not even once...
wonderfulmonkeyman  +   129d ago
Just when I thought this could not be a better game....
Why, October?
Why must you be so far away?!
bullymangLer  +   129d ago
spoilers because i was supposed to find out about this NEW Game changing Mech Suit ability during my time with the game, not now.

Either way wOw great news for bayo.

Sony and Micro keep getting their ass beat this E3 eh
Ghost_Nappa  +   129d ago
Machine gun mech nipples confirmed.
LightDiego  +   129d ago
Just awesome, Bayonetta 2 is one of the many reasons that i bought the Wii U. I'm really happy for the sequel of a great game that is Bayonetta 1.
Lrateke  +   129d ago
Nintendo rocked this year on E3!

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