Assassin's Creed: Rising Phoenix confirmed?

A source close to 16bitkings has revealed that an employee of UK high street retailer GAME today confirmed the existence of the long rumoured Playstation Vita exclusive: Assassin’s Creed: Rising Phoenix.

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Da Ill One1620d ago

I'd check it out, especially since Unity looks awesome as well.

GdaTyler1619d ago

Its logo was in AC4 so you can cling on to that hope. :)

imXify1620d ago

My 13th of friday just started with some good luck !

staticdash221620d ago

Interesting. The title sounds Asian influenced, so China or Japan confirmed? I'd love to play a game with Shao Jun as the protagonist, seeing how she developed a big fanbase because of AC embers. Also, she created the rope dart, as said by Achilles in AC3. He hinted that she went on to do alot of great things for the order after leaving italy.

Neo Nugget1620d ago

W...wasn't this debunked FOREVER ago?

matrixman921620d ago

I thought so too. And then it turned out to just be artwork from some other completely unrelated thing

RexDD1620d ago

It indeed was. Don't know why they are bringing this rumor back now.

sonerone1620d ago

this lictures were released last year as well with a different assassins creed name, the information might be real but the pics are sure fake

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