What Does E3 2014 Tell Us About the Future of the PlayStation Vita?

Push Square: "Ask a non-gamer to yawn through Sony’s meaty E3 2014 press conference, and they’ll probably come away with the assumption that the Japanese giant is a single console manufacturer. Much like Microsoft before it, the PlayStation 3 barely registered as a blip during its media briefing, and the PlayStation Vita only obtained a share of the limelight while the firm flaunted the potential of Remote Play – a feature rendered utterly useless unless you own a PlayStation 4. But does that mean that the organisation is more or less finished with its flagging portable platform?"

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aceitman1643d ago

Just like last year at gamescom , sony will show more ps4 games and show games for vita. Gamescom is just as big as e3

Dudebro901643d ago

Its now a companion device rather than a platform.

gamer78041643d ago

Sadly it's seeming that way

kreate1643d ago

Its a on the go RPG platform.