Sunset Overdrive E3 Hands-on Impressions| Gaming Enthusiast

Greg Bargas from Gaming Enthusiast hits the show floor at E3 with Sunset Overdrive.

He writes: At this point, I can say that Sunset Overdrive is living up to its hype. It’s a mix of Dead Rising, Ratchet and Clank, and maybe a little Jet Grind Radio. It was actually a lot of fun to jump into something that didn’t take itself so seriously, yet still provide a gruesomely bloody experience with deadly mutants at its core. The agility aspect worjs well as almost everything can be vaulted or grinded on.

I suppose, if there were a fun, third-person DOOM, this would be it.

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4Sh0w1647d ago

Game really looks good, hope Insomniac just goes dark again until a week or 2 before release.

christocolus1647d ago

I'm definitly getting this. This,fh2 and halo mcc will help push xbox one sales this year.

SG1_dapunisherX1647d ago

I want this game to be a mega hit. Day 0 or 1 depend if Amazon has day 1 edition i like

its_JEFF1647d ago

Man, this game is shaping up nicely. Looks like tons of fun. I just really hope the "gaming press" doesn't hype this game up like they did TitanFall. Give this one a chance to stand on it's own, cause it's looking like the Old Insomniac is back?...

MeliMel1647d ago

I disagree its a new IP. Its getting nothing but love. The more exposure the better. Why wouldn't you want to know how good a game is. Say what you will about Titanfall but for me the hype was well worth it. Its an awesome experience on Xbox One(and thats me). Sunset Overdrive is just another FUN game to add to my XB1 collection.

its_JEFF1647d ago

I totally agree that it deserves whatever love it's getting. What I have to say about TitanFall is that it looks like it's Fast & Furious FUN, that's what I think it is. But I'm hearing complaints that say the game wasn't the "savior" it was touted to be. You've seen the articles about it not helping the X-1 get past the PS4 same in April or whatever.

TitanFall was rightly heyped, but not to the "Savior" status it was given. That's a lot to ask for a new IP, no matter who the developer is.

The same thing is happening right now to BloodBorne, that game is getting all sorts of hype and hardly anything was shown of it. I hope that game doesn't get the "savior" label cause I don't think there are a lot of games that can meet that expectation.

MeliMel1647d ago

JEFF, its very fun indeed. And yes it wasnt the Xbox One savior many thought it was going to be. But thats hard to do, let alone for just a online shooter. But I will say that with S.O and TF MS are two pretty good games to have as exclusives. Be it timed or not.

WeAreLegion1647d ago

It's amazing! Got to try single player and co-op. Easily one of the most fun games I've ever played. Can't wait to get it!

Illusive_Man1647d ago

I would buy another Xbox One just for this game.

Horny1647d ago

Getting one just for this game. Then once again I'll have all systems.

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The story is too old to be commented.