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Forget the Manufacturers, Which Individual Game Won E3?

Everyone loves to talk about which of the Big 3 "won" E3, but shouldn't gamers focus on the games? When they do, which one deserves this year's honor? (3DS, Destiny, E3, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, PC, PS Vita, PS3, PS4, Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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kalkano  +   389d ago
The Witcher 3, since it's the only game I expect to buy.
Metallox  +   389d ago
I actually have many. Uncharted 4, Little Big Planet 3, Batman Arkham Knight, Project Spark, Zelda Wii U, Splatoon, and of course The Withcer 3. All of them look great for me.
NewMonday  +   389d ago
if we count trailers only.. Uncharted 4, the game just looks sick

if count hands on demo-.. the Order based on the critic awards the game is getting @E3
MysticStrummer  +   388d ago
No Man's Sky for me, but LBP3 had me smiling big and UC4's short in-engine trailer blew me away. Bloodborne has me extremely excited, but all the public got to see was a CG trailer, which can't win E3 in my opinion. The Witcher 3 does look pretty damn sweet as well, from what little I've seen.
DonDon  +   388d ago
Why U no put Bloodborne? U make DonDon sad :(

I like that u included Splatoon though. A lot of people overlooked that amazingly fun looking game.
ABizzel1  +   388d ago
MS: Halo MMC, Suset Overdrive, Scalebound (love platinum)

Sony: Uncharted 4 (LOVEEEE Naughty Dog), No Man's Sky, Bloodborne, LBP, Last of US PS4,

Nintendo: Zelda, Bayonetta 2, Smash, Splatoon

Multiplat: GTA PS4, Batman, Ubisoft's Big 5, Evolve, COD (just to see how it turns out, since they're finally doing something new), The Witcher,
eaise  +   389d ago
Zelda Wii U! Because of the mass amount of hype that it had going into E3 and I was not disappointed in the least of what we were shown!

Splatoon is probably the coolest surprise title that no one expected! FPS and TPS have gotten all kinda similar in recent years so it's good to see something new. Especially when it looks so fun to play!
NewMonday  +   389d ago
no hands on demo for Zelda so doesn't qualify. as trailer only it was good but No Mans Sky is much more impressive, keep watching it over and over.
thorstein  +   389d ago
No Man's Sky. I just love the idea of it all. It could (and should) bring about a revolution in game type.
Talidan  +   389d ago
Absolutely this.
Vegetarianshark  +   389d ago
Sadly some shallow minded people are ignoring the game only because its indie:( I wonder where those morons were during the No man's sky showcase, I bet the game shut up those fanboy who are very condescending to indies especially xbots with their "indiestation 4" non-sense.
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MasterCornholio  +   389d ago
Valiant Hearts is getting a lot of hate as well but it looks like a good adventure game to me. Kind of like Machinarium.
medman  +   388d ago
Xbox only morons don't know gaming, all they know is call of doodie. I've always owned multiple systems, and currently own 360, ps3, and ps4. The games that have me most interested in possibly buying an xbone at some point are Ori, Below, and maybe Quantum Break. Indie games are some of the best and most innovative games out there in the market right now. To dismiss a game because it's from a small studio and doesn't feature dude bro's is beyond stupidity and no proper fan of gaming would do so. The small indies of today become the Naughty Dogs of tommorrow.
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DonDon  +   388d ago
No Man's Sky looks great to me too, but why exactly do u think it will bring a "revolution"? Or even anything close to a revolution?
thorstein  +   388d ago
Because the game is almost entirely procedurally generated. That means the entire game is infinite. Encountering other players is difficult because each player is so remote from the others.

Now apply that game to an RPG, but with a mechanic that allows the game to evolve as you play it. Or a shooter. With this type of gaming an FPS Online would be awesome because each map would be generated before the match began: meaning, everyone is on the same playing field.
ReesesPuffs  +   389d ago
I honestly would love to just say Zelda (I have a bit of a bias) but honestly there were a lot of stellar looking games shown off this year and to just pick one and say that it was overall better than the others would be a huge disservice to the wide variety of amazing games shown off this year. Honestly can't wait for Arkham Knight, Witcher 3, MGS5, No Man's Sky, Uncharted 4, and of course Zelda U.
Clown_Syndr0me  +   389d ago
Rainbow Six.
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MysticStrummer  +   388d ago
That gameplay did look very cool and fun. The fake comms chatter was annoying though. Same goes for The Division.
EliteGameKnight  +   389d ago
If I were to include the tournament, amount of screen time, and reveals I would say Super Smash Bros
MultiConsoleGamer  +   389d ago
No Man's Sky, Super Smash Bros, Sunset Overdrive.
memots  +   389d ago
i dont even have a WiiU and i would say Zelda won, Its the only game at e3 that i had to hold to go buy the system right away :)

With mk8 and Super Mario bro. this system is getting more and more interesting.
Clown_Syndr0me  +   389d ago
Im not purposely slating Nintendo ot anything but I don't understand how more of the same is making it more interesting?

Id understand if they had a stack of new IPs but it seems to me that they just reuse the same characters and games over and over again.

I thought the Zelda game looked pretty cool though.

Edit: The reason I said more of the same is because memots said "with mk8 and super Mario bro..". I understand they do have some new IPs, and honestly wish them all the best.
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Metallox  +   389d ago
Doesn't matter I guess? Zelda is always good, no matter if we talk about Phantom Hourglass or Skyward Sword, they are still good.
Theyellowflash30  +   389d ago
Nintendo Showed off two new IPs for the Wii U:

Devil's Third

And while Bayonetta 2 isn't a new IP:
Bayonetta is fairly new and kicks ass

Not to mention they had CODE Name: S.T.E.A.M, a new IP from Intelligent Systems. The makers of Fire Emblem.

Nintendo brought just as many first party new IPs as Sony or Microsoft to the show.

And Nintendo's gameplay innovates, its not about the character, its about the gameplay, and Smash Bros is just a joy to play.

I played it over and over at E3
memots  +   389d ago
Clown , Zelda is always awesome or Metroid.

Would you say Sony should stop making Uncharted game? Hell i hope not.
Jdoki  +   389d ago
Nintendo showed a few new IP.

I would say Splatoon looked like the most intriguing multiplayer game At E3. If that game had grittier visuals and was on PS4 / XB1 people would be going ape for it.

TheYellowFlash30 listed a good few of the other IP.

Also, the thing about Nintendo that a lot of gamers like is that it is consistence, but usually always different at the same time. Just line up the Zelda games and compare. Each has some twist or bring something new. Even the 3D Mario games try and innovate.

And to be honest they are not that much different from the competition. Microsoft and Sony have their fall back games that people know will come.
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Realplaya  +   388d ago
They showed a few new IP'S though and they are all different. Cant we just let the they use same IP die now. I mean if you sell 7 million Mario games you are not stopping that's money. Steam, Splattoon and devils third are going to play big roles to diversify.
Loadedklip  +   388d ago
1. They had new IPs ... where you paying attention at all?

2. New IP is overrated. New GAMEPLAY ideas is more important. Nintendo franchises normally go through multiple changes to core mechanics which is the reason so many of them were huge 25 years ago and are still huge today.
wonderfulmonkeyman  +   389d ago
Bayonetta 2!
We're getting the first one as a pack-in with new costumes, and the second one has BAYO-MECHA....

It's hot on a whole different scale.
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Theyellowflash30  +   389d ago
Super Smash Bros for Wii U and Bayonetta 2

Reasons why:

Fast Fluid 60 FPS gameplay
Online mutlipayer for both games, and FUN online multipayer
Multiple control layouts to fit your style
Amazing graphics that push the Wii U
Both coming out this year and were completely playable on the show floor: (I played both games multiple times)

Nintendo came to E3 with a mission, and they surpassed everyones expectations. Kudos to Nintendo and all the great games on the Showfloor

Oh, and Bayonetta 1 got a visual bump, nice costumes, and added features.....plus it comes packed in for FREE with Bayonetta 2!
XStation  +   389d ago
Scalebound and Crackdown for me.
Theyellowflash30  +   389d ago
CG Trailers with no gameplay won E3 fro you?
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XStation  +   389d ago
Knowing that those type of games that appeals to me are coming, won it for me. What? You want me to say Sunset Overdrive which i already seen gameplay for, or The Order: 1886 which seems linear to me? What about Super Smash Bros which i already seen enough of? Halo collection i seen coming, uncharted 4 i seen coming, zelda wii u i seen coming.
Theyellowflash30  +   389d ago
I just figured that gamers would want to see how a game actually plays, before they determine if it "won" game of show.

Remember Final Fantasy 14's CG trailer?

Yeah, how did the gameplay look compared to that trailer? Nothing like it.

I'm excited to see Scalebound as well. I love Hideki Kamiya, but you have to show SOME sort of Gameplay to win E3 game of show. Otherwise, whoever makes the best CG trailer would always win.
LightDiego  +   389d ago
I'm a huge fan of Zelda, really excited for the new game, also a fan of Uncharted, Metal Gear Solid and Halo.
But my vote is No Man's Sky,
jonboi24  +   389d ago
Bloodborne, Smash Bros, Uncharted 4, Zelda, Batman and No Man's Sky have me the most hype! With Guilty Gear Xrd as an honorable mention.
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beebap  +   389d ago
Jdoki  +   389d ago
If I had to pick only one, it would be No Man's Sky

That is (hopefully) the space game I have always wanted to play.

It is also pretty amazing that a tiny Indie team can create something like that. Imagine what they could produce with a budget like Star Citizen!
AWBrawler  +   389d ago
The Rookie of the year won, Splatoon
stragomccloud  +   389d ago
Splatoon. Very creative and fun looking.
sinspirit  +   389d ago
I'm a huge LittleBIGPlanet fan. I poured so many hours into the first one. Unfortunately I never got to play the second one, so I am long overdue and extremely hyped to play the new one. That is my game of the show.

Aside from that I really can't really chose between Bloodborne, No Man's Sky, and the new SSB, which looks really great for the 3DS which I might get it for.
TheLastGuardian  +   388d ago
Dude, you missed the f out. LBP2 was infinitely better than the original. Lucky for you all the user created levels from the first two games are playable in LBP3. Nice choice, same as mine. :D
sinspirit  +   388d ago
Yes. And I really can't wait to go back and play the ones I created years ago. If only I had LBP on Vita I'd have no excuse not to play it all the time.
juaburg91  +   389d ago
Xenoblade Chronicles X. Go check the treehouse youtube videos. Splatoon, Zelda, Yoshi. MGS 5! Glad Rainbox 6 is alive and breathing :)

Overall E3 delivered! All 3 camps had their showstoppers.
Mr-Dude  +   389d ago
No man's sky
Benchm4rk  +   389d ago
Batman Arkham Knight and Rainbow Six Siege are my picks for playable games. Trailer wise id say Zelda Wii U got me most excited. Destiny and Halo MCC are most most wanted 2014 titles.
Master-H  +   389d ago
MasterCornholio  +   389d ago
No Man's Sky for me.
TheLastGuardian  +   389d ago
LittleBigPlanet 3

It was a pleasant surprise, didn't see it coming at all. Just seeing the logo made me so damn happy. I was grinning like a loon the whole demo. LBP2 was one of my favorite games from last gen so I can't wait for this one.
Software_Lover  +   388d ago
Now this is more like it. Lets talk about games!!!!!

I'm going with games that showed actual gameplay and/or were playable

Arkham Knight looked crazy. They chose the right batmobile footage.
Sunset Overdrive is bringing back the fun for Microsoft.
The Halo 2 gameplay looked good. Cant wait for the MC collection.
I didn't like the trailer for Bloodborne (Extra goriness does nothing for me but turn me away) but the gameplay looks good. Makes me want another Onimusha.
Yoshi looks cool. I love Kirbys Epic Yarn so I'm sure I will like this game.
I'm not into zombies but the Dead Rising 3 stuff looks interesting. Hitting zombies with street fighter moves might work, lol.
Rainbow Six.
I liked the COD Advance Fighter game. I probably will purchase it.
KNWS  +   388d ago
No Man's Sky for me.

Four guys, hold up in a small studio made that game, what an achievement, truly.

If it plays anyway like it was shown on the video. Its the game of the year for me.

It be on xb1 eventually, and be very happy to give it a go.
Realplaya  +   388d ago
Splatoon will get full voice chat through the whole match.
lizard81288  +   388d ago
Smash Bros. As for Indie, I'd say Splatoon. I see a ton of people talking about it and how fun it looks, plus how it breaks up the boring brown shooters, like CoD, with the paint everything idea. I remember during one match, a team lost by .01%. That is pretty intense.
animegamingnerd  +   388d ago
actually Splatoon isn't indie its being developed by Nintendo
lizard81288  +   388d ago
I didn't know that. I thought it was like an e-shop title.
nesiguess  +   388d ago
Zelda and splatoon...oh what fun..
RexDD  +   388d ago
No Man's Sky. Most impressive game of E3.
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