New Trailer and Details for Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture

PSBlog - For the last twelve months, we’ve had our heads down working hard on Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture and it’s really exciting to be able to share some more information with you as well as a new trailer.

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mushroomwig1645d ago

Nice teaser trailer. I wonder why they didn't show this at their conference.

younglj011645d ago

I said in article after E3 that Sony was holding back. I'm sure there were other trailers ready also.I wonder what else Sony decide not to show. Where is Rime?

Sevir1645d ago

I'm waiting to see that one as well. :( so much they've announced and we still haven't seen them. I'm also looking forward to Shadow of the Beast.

ABizzel11645d ago

Where what this, Rime, DriveClub (shown on the floor), Planetside 2 (shown on the floor), Deep Down (shown on the floor), The Witness, Shadow of the Beast, and more. Also most of their first party games are still complete unknowns, so yes Sony was holding back.

I guess we'll see what Gamescom, and TGS brings.

its_JEFF1645d ago

Not enough time I guess, they had to make time for their "POWERS" announcement...

I really would have like ls to this on stage and RIME, where is RIME! that game is so beautiful... looks just like the new Zelda!

FamilyGuy1645d ago

Rime looks like a current gen (PS4) Ico, it does NOT look like the new Zelda.
They are both cel-shaded, sure, but Zelda is way more vibrant and cartoon-like, Rime has that water-painted look. I can't wait to see more of both but I'm surprised to see someone comparing them.

its_JEFF1645d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

take it EASY... I was more referring to the cell shaded look. Jeez, I guess I should have been more clea,r I didn't mean to offend Zelda Wii U. BTW why would you be surprised? it would be that persons opinion. Some people think all asian people look a like, they don't but maybe they haven't seen that many Asians... hold your horses I'm asian.

ipach1645d ago (Edited 1645d ago )

it already got big stage love; almost none of the e3 2014 content was a revisit of previous major press conference presented stuff, except maybe destiny and the order

marinelife91645d ago

And they still have a new God of War and Guerrilla Games new IP.

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rarity1645d ago

Can't wait for the release.

MonsterChef1645d ago

Completely forgot about this game, Sony left out a lot of games from their conference for whatever reason maybe they are not that deep in development, but I'm stoked games are coming and there is no denying that.

younglj011645d ago

"maybe they are not that deep in development"

I think they are very far in development and tweaking every little detail they can before they show it too the public. It seems like Sony are allowing the developers as much time as possible...Which is for the gamers...

MonsterChef1645d ago

I like that I'm not one to get mad when developers delay a game. It makes no sense when you see enraged gamers going berserk when it does happen then those same gamers get mad at companies like dice when they release a bug ridden game like BF4, you have to realize that companies like EA are going to put pressure on developers like dice to release a game as fast as they can because of the eager enraged gamer. Moral of the story patience is gold

kaileb1645d ago

And I think that this is the type of game if you show too much it would spoil it...

uth111645d ago

Beautiful, but I have no idea what the game might be like

Sevir1645d ago

Still need more! I've been waiting for new on this game and its still coming in drip feed. Excited for it and I have a feeling we'll get our first full look at it Gamescon this year since it was unveiled last year at that time.


AgentSmithPS41645d ago

I guess we'll have to actually go to Rapture to get enough information about this game. It looks good but I need more than that.

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