Turtle Rock Confirms 12 Hunters, 3 Monsters For Evolve + DLC Plans

Ricky from Twinfinite writes: "Answering questions about the game during a Twitch livestream yesterday, Evolve developer Turtle Rock confirmed the number of monsters and hunters available at launch for Evolve along with a DLC monster in the works."

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Lawboy21643d ago

Yes....I seriously can't wait to play this xbox one will very busy this holiday season

Slick811643d ago

I'll wait for reviews if it takes off ill def get it

hudsoniscool1643d ago

I'll wait for the beta. It looks like a buy for sure, but I got to play it. If I like the beta....

AutoCad1643d ago

Cant wait to try out the beta on the xbox.

Ashunderfire861643d ago

Just 3 monsters? Plus a DLC one? Kind of feel a little disappointed, I will give this one a rental.

LAWSON721643d ago

I thought there was only one until I saw the new trailer, and after that I was like 3 is probably the magic number. When I thoyght their was only one I still wanted the game. Hopefully the beta is as good as the footage I have seen if so day one

Freddy_Millz11643d ago

You have to remember, all three monsters evolve into 3-4 different forms so if math is correct 9-12 different ways to play 12-16 if there is indeed a dlc one.

MasterD9191643d ago

I worry that the 3 vs 1 thing is going to get stale very quickly.

Graphically, the game looks beautiful, but I think they should allow for 2 monsters puts a lot of pressure on the person being the monster, and we all know some gamers aren't quite qualified to be the center of a game like that.

Lawboy21643d ago

There are other monsters in the game that the hunters must if the monster evolves all heck looks amazing...I can easily see 50+ before it even becomes remotely stale

Dudebro901643d ago

I didn't know you were a dev and had a valid opinion that 2 monsters would be better than 1.

Oh wait that's right you aren't.

Dont you think the people making the game would have a better view of how many players there should be?

Ghost_Nappa1643d ago

Don't you think he has a right to express his opinion without being subjected to degredation.

MasterD9191643d ago

Your comment makes about as little sense as my opinion did to you. Do yourself a favor and review what you post before you hit the reply button. Clearly, you are out of your mind. You must be an extremely un-creative and boring person if you like everything without ever having an opinion. It's ok though since you have no idea what an opinion is...Google it there, champ.

Freeball1643d ago

They might have a deny button if you don't want to play as the monster. I would imagine it wouldn't force you to play as one if you don't want to.

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The story is too old to be commented.